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  1. Ok so apparently the server has not been restarted since the change in my last post was made. I restarted the server an now the URL for getting the file works I tested my script again and it is now working Thanks for the help
  2. I have attempted both of your suggestions to no avail the URL is still unavailable. Is it possible that IIS is not looking in the right place? A while back we had to go back into the config settings in CWA to point it back to the LTshare as we host it on the E:\ Drive of the server and it was set to the C:\ Drive Could it be that IIS does not know that it is supposed to look at the E:\ ??????
  3. Other existing items in the scripts folder do give me the prompt to save Just the new one I added is not there.
  4. No I do not get a prompt to save I get This page can't be found HTTP Error 404
  5. I created a script to download and run BGInfo I have it downloading and saving to a folder on the PC from the web (this works) I have then saved a .bgi (config file) on the ltshare/transfer/scripts/bginfo/bginfo.gbi I am trying to use the DOWNLOAD: function to download it from the share to a PC in the same folder that was created for the web download. I keep getting the script has completed on error. The error states ERR Could not Download file /Transfer/Scripts\BGInfo\BGInfo.bgi I also tried ziping the file and downloading the .zip with the same issue. Not sure why this is not working Please help
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