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  1. Hi All, just checking to see if anyone has any insight into this. Thank you!
  2. Hi All, I am relatively inexperienced in scripts but need assistance with creating a script to do the following: For our clients, we need to remove terminated user data after 30 days. We thought it best to create a folder that we can move their profile to, and then have a script set up to run every 30 days to remove anything that has been in that folder for more than 30 days. We would call that folder something like "Terminated User Data". Any guidance on this or suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you! -Anthony
  3. Hi All, I have several Debian Linux servers on AWS that I connect to using Putty and authenticate using a .PPK file. I noticed that I can open an SSH session through the Automate redirectors but the version of Putty it opens doesn't appear to have an Auth tab in the settings to browse to the .PPK file that I need to authenticate. Is anyone familiar with this situation or have a possible solution to allow me to SSH directly from Automate? Thank you! -Anthony
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