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  1. I'm also experiencing issues trying to setup SNMP monitoring with Lenovo servers. My main problem is their OIDs appear to not follow a standard. i.e. Different RAID controllers have different OIDs
  2. Hey guys, This is a quick ConnectWise Automate script I put together to update Dell SupportAssist, in response to: https://www.dell.com/support/article/ca/en/cadhs1/sln316857/dsa-2019-051-dell-supportassist-client-multiple-vulnerabilities?lang=en Several users on Slack have tried it with success. Enjoy! Duong_Dell - May 2019 - Dell Support Assist Vulnerability.xml
  3. Can you try a different account? Can you try a different CWC PoSH command? https://github.com/ChrisTaylorRocks/ConnectWiseControlPowerShell
  4. I asked CTaylor, and he said to check the permission on the account you're using. Does it have Control access to that computer?
  5. It looks like you don't have PowerShell permissions. Can you run the command individually on the computer? This will work on a hosted ConnectWise Automate instance. If you are on-premise, you can use your Automate server to run the PowerShell commands.
  6. You must include the :8040. e.g. https://rmm.company.com:8040
  7. Version 1.1 script uploaded to original post. I've added: - check for non-Windows OS - a check for the LTService after restart - a reinstall of LTService if the restart fails - a second check for the LTService after reinstall - ticketing Version 1.2 script uploaded to original post. Fixed OS check.
  8. I'm not sure how to do that. You can import the script, and review yourself. The script gets the offline computer ID, then gets the ScreenConnect GUID, then restarts the LTService using a computer to run CWC PoSH.
  9. Special thanks: CTaylor, Gavsto, Mendy Green, kelliott_cio This thread is for my solution (using Gavsto's SQL, and CTaylor's PoSH modules) detecting agents that are offline in ConnectWise Automate, but are online in ConnectWise Control. Step 1. Create the monitor: This is an exact copy of Gavsto's SQL. I take no credit. SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,c.LastContact, IFNULL(LastHeartbeatTime, "0000-00-00 00:00:00")) AS TestValue, c.name AS IdentityField, c.ComputerID AS ComputerID, c.LastContact, h.LastHeartbeatTime, acd.NoAlerts, acd.UpTimeStart, acd.UpTimeEnd FROM Computers AS c LEFT JOIN HeartBeatComputers AS h ON h.ComputerID = c.ComputerID LEFT JOIN AgentComputerData AS acd ON c.ComputerID = acd.ComputerID LEFT JOIN Clients ON Clients.ClientID = c.clientid WHERE (c.LastContact > NOW() - INTERVAL 30 MINUTE OR h.LastHeartbeatTime > NOW() - INTERVAL 30 MINUTE) AND (TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,c.LastContact, IFNULL(LastHeartbeatTime, "0000-00-00 00:00:00")) < -6 OR TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,c.LastContact, IFNULL(LastHeartbeatTime, "0000-00-00 00:00:00")) > 6) Step 2. Create the script: Please import the XML attached. You will have to modify lines 8-11, line 19 with your information. Line 8, line 19 = the computer to run the script on. I'm hosted, so I could not use the ConnectWise Automate server. This computer needs to have PowerShell v3 or higher. Step 3. Create the alert template: Step 4. Set the alert template on your newly created global internal monitor. Duong_Restart Labtech Agent.xml
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