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  1. Tim

    Retired Assets Script & Monitor

    Hi, Sorry to resurrect this one but I have tried all of the suggestions here but I am still stuck unfortunately, I've created a test template that just runs the script so I have a template selected against the monitor however it is still failing to run the script, I can see the query part of it is working fine as I am seeing clients in the results list. Any ideas guys? Thanks again for the help so far, it's much appreciated.
  2. Tim

    Retired Assets Script & Monitor

    Any Ideas people? Thanks
  3. Tim

    Retired Assets Script & Monitor

    Hi Hallister, Thanks for your response, the alert template was disabled temporarily to stop us being inundated with email notifications RE retired assets, the script wasn't firing prior to the alert setting being enabled against the monitor. As far as I knew the alert template just told the monitor to fire off an email and shouldn't be required for the triggering of the script unless I'm mistaken? Thanks Tim
  4. Hi, I was wondering if some of you more experienced folk could help with an issue that we are having? We have a monitor that calls a custom script to retire agents that are older than 30 days When I run a query on the monitor it returns the correct results based on the group it is monitoring. So I know the results are correct and its looking at the correct devices. If I run the script individually against a device it retires the device The script calls a stored procedure called sp_DeleteComputer I've attached some screenshots of the monitor/script configuration and the monitor history If anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful Thankyou Tim