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  1. stephenp

    Automate API

    Thanks Peter. I've ended up getting this working. I think the username I was using didn't have the right permissions. Using PostMan was the best way to get it going.
  2. Contacted Automate. There is a bug in the API that is missing this data. Hopefully fixed soon.
  3. We have hosted Automate (no manage) and I would like to integrate some of the tickets into our existing helpdesk using REST API. I am able to get the tickets using /cwa/api/v1/Tickets/12998, but how do I go about getting the details of the tickets? (e.g. when i open the ticket in my Automate application, there is details on the fault, company, computer ect) I have reviewed the REST Documentaiton and API and must be missing something. Thanks
  4. stephenp

    Automate API

    Probably to expand on where I am having issues. I'm using (https://developer.connectwise.com/Products/Automate/REST/API_Model#/APIToken/APIToken_Post1) and (https://developer.connectwise.com/Products/Automate/REST) as some guides. I'm also using https://apitester.com/ to test the API calls. I'm not able to get an authentication key, so not able to get much further. I'm hitting https://mysite.hostedrmm.com/cwa/api/v1/apitoken with my username/password but getting an "Access is denied due to invalid crednetials". I know the username/password is correct and I have "super admin" user class and should be able to get to everything afaik.
  5. stephenp

    Automate API

    Hi. Was wondering if anyone has got the automate API to work for a hosted Automate install? I'm trying to grab data automatically from the automate database and as we are hosted can't use ODBC. Hoping even if someone has a small c# sample they could share? I've read the documentation but it didn't give me any luck unfortunately.
  6. Hi All I'm fairly new to Automate, but I would like to list all local users on our machines and if they are enabled/disabled. The aim here is to ensure that we don't have any unsecured local user's on our domain joined machines. Would also like to have a list of "Local Administrators" if possible?
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