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  1. Awesome. Now I just need to work out how to create the script - Pointed me the right direction though, so thank you!
  2. Hi All, First time posting so please be nice . I've recently configured some HP Hardware monitoring (thanks Joe.McCall !) and now am getting alerts for some systems which is great. I now need to configure the following: 1. Drive failure should alert within 5 minutes. The remote monitor is set to run every 5 minutes, and is continuous.This takes care of this requirement but introduces an issue with ticket alerts being generated continuously. Changing the monitor to 'once' would fix this but would introduce another issue which I am trying to solve (below) 2. The ticket should re-open once daily if the issue is still present. This would 'protect' us if a tech closed the ticket without the issue being resolved. Technically I can address the above by creating two monitors, but then this would create two tickets for each alert. As an alternative, I could 'silence' the alerts for a period of time, perhaps 24 hours by default? I'm not sure how to do this, but coming from a Zabbix/Nagios background, I assume this is pretty simple? I would like to be able to do this anyway, or at least create an exception because another issue I have with the hardware alerts is that some will always fail. We have some HP servers with non-genuine memory and HP SNMP will report this as a failure. Without removing the server from the search group the SNMP checks are applied to, how can I create an exception? It looks like exceptions are only possible with Internal Monitors and not Remote Monitors? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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