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  1. aXz

    Lenovo Vantage

    Hi! Is there anyone that has a script or solution for on how to 1. Install Lenovo Vantage on Windows 10 Lenovo PC's if its not installed 2. Run lenovo Vantage in the background to install new firmware and drivers? Thanks in advanced!
  2. Hi! How do you guys keep track on old computers that might not be in use anymore? Do you have a script/monitor/dataview or something that gives you an report for clients that has not checked in to the system in X days? If so, can you please share? Thanks!
  3. How and where in report center should I edit the backup health report if I want it to show per week and not per month as it is out of the box? I need to schedule this per week for one of our customer and I do have a hard time to get my self around in report center. Thanks!
  4. Ok. I did some own investigation regarding this. If I deleted the folder in here: %programdata%\LabTech Client\cache\ And also the folder in here: %programdata%\LabTech plugins\ I did speed up things a bit. Pressing Control Center icon and to be able to insert user name and password went from 20 to 2 seconds. Open the control center after hitting login went from 1 minute and 10 seconds to 40 seconds. This might differ depending on how many plugins etc you have enabled in Automate. Open a computer in Control Center is still the same
  5. I will contact them and request a deep look at why it is so slow. If they know the tool is slow "by design" its bad but nothing they can do except stop lying. If it is not suppose to be this slow they have to find the problem.
  6. I hope that Patch 12 is what you are saying stefanjansson. It takes about 20 sec from pressing control center icon to when the login sceen appears. Login takes over one minute. Almost around 1 minute and 10 sec Open a computer in control center can differ a bit but I would say between 6-15sec Next time on the same computer between 4-7 sec. But its more then just open the tool and open a computer. Switching between views or open file explorer or using CMD in Control Center is all slow. Dosent feel like this kind of tool should in 2018/19. Whats your time on different tasks? Thanks!
  7. Hi! Do you guys feel that the control center is a bit slow? Our takes long time to start up and feels slow when working in it. It only has a little over 200 agents. The server has more power then is required. Just want to hear your opinions about your speed in the tool. The new web version is fast but it lacks to many features to use it more then just remote connect to a PC. Thanks!
  8. This is probably a pretty easy one for some of you here. Is there a way (has to be) monitor the health of the disks in a physical server? And how do you monitor this? For example we want a ticket to be created if the system finds a harddrive with a bad state. Is it a specific event log you have to monitor for this or how do we manage this. Thanks!
  9. So I solved this now. The script in Automate is the same. The XML file that is written by the script in step 19 looks like this (this is for Business Premium) <Configuration> <Add SourcePath="@TargetFolder@" OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Monthly"> <Product ID="O365BusinessRetail"> <Language ID="en-us"/> <ExcludeApp ID="Publisher"/> </Product> </Add> <Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE"/> <Logging Level="Standard" Path="%temp%"/> </Configuration> I also wrote a uninstall script for Office 365 Business Premium and it looks like this if someone wants to use it: The XML file that the script writes at step 18 looks like this: <Configuration> <Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE"/> <Logging Level="Standard" Path="%temp%"/> <Remove All="TRUE"/> </Configuration> One question remains. Is it possible to make a script that uninstall Office regardless of what version it is? My uninstall script is Version specific. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I generated a new XML file that looks like this now: <Configuration> <Add SourcePath="C:\Windows\LTSVC\Packages\O365\"> <OfficeClientEdition="32"> <Product ID="O365BusinessRetail"> <Language ID="en-us"/> </Product> </Add> <Updates Enabled="TRUE"/> <Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE"/> <Logging Level="Standard" Path="%temp%"/> <!--Silent install of 32-Bit Office 365 for Business with Updates and Logging enabled--> </Configuration> I also downloaded a new ODT file and replaced the old one on the Automate server. But still it fails in step 33.
  11. Hi! Our Office 365 Business Premium installations has for some reason started to fail. We havent change anything in the scripts from when it was working until now when it dosent work anymore. Has MS change anything on how to deploy office 365? Can someone please review our script and XML file? This is how our script looks like It manage to download the setup file and write the configuration file to the client. It saying that it fails in step 33. That LOG entry is saying " Installation falied" The XML file looks like this Even when I open a command prompt locally on the client and use the setup file and the xml file by typing this (setup.exe /configure configuration_32bEN.xml) it dosent install. It will not create the OfficeSetup.txt file in the %temp% folder so I cant see what it is doing. Can you see any missconfiguration in the script? As I said, it has been working, strange. Thanks in advanced!
  12. aXz

    Sophos Removal Script

    Hi, Tell the other MSP to turn of Tamper Protection for all endpoints. Tell them to send customer token and mgmt server address from Sophos Central Partner portal. Follow this guide to integrate sophos central with Automate: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/132352 After this is done you can uninstall the endpoint with the scripts provided in the integration package from solution center. Bare in mind that if they are using synchronized security you will loose connection to the clients when the firewall is missing heartbeats from the endpoint.
  13. Dont sugarcoat it DarrenWhite99 Thanks admiraletienne. I change the NAT in our firewall and now we get the result we wanted!
  14. Hi, Router address for all our computers and servers in Automate has the public IP address where the automate server is sitting. We want to see the public IP of the local client/PC/server. How can we manage this? Thanks!
  15. Thanks alot! I dit import this to our Automate but it never notified me. What did I do wrong? I did the following steps: 1. Imported the XML script 2. Imported the SQL file 3. Open the new internal monitor "Notify when agent is Online" and selected Default - Create Automate Ticket as the Alert Template. 4. On ticket Category I selected Informational 5. In the Monitor Target tab I selected one PC to test this on. Turned off the selected PC and turned it on again. Nothing. I missed to set my email address in the XML script before I imported it but we gt email when a new ticket is created so its good anyway. We are running the latest Automate 12 patch 9. Can that be a problem or did I do something wrong? Thanks!
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