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  1. Manage to find it. It wasent harder then this https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/060/020 Works fine! Thanks!
  2. Hi. We have problem that the tray icon is missing from the customers computers now and then. Some that is showing is missing the branded icon. It has the standard green icon instead. Anyone have the same problem? All AV exclutions are set as CW instructed. Anyone have a monitor or script to restart the tray when it goes missing? Or any other solution? Thanks in advanced!
  3. Thanks. I have a custom tray configured for this. Where do I point the tray to this group? From the group or from the custom tray ?
  4. Hi! We will deploy a software library through the Tray icon where users can install business applications from for one of our customers. At the same customer we have computers where this function will not be avalible. I have create an EDF at computer level. If you check this EDF that computer will not be added to the group where this custom tray will be deployed. But how can we deploy the tray including the custom software library to the group we created? Thanks!
  5. A client wants us to schedule a backup health report for every sunday that reflects that weeks backups. I have taken a copy of the Backup Health report that shows the last month. I have tried to edit this to show 7 days instead. I have a hard time doing this and need some help. Is there anyone that can help me with this task? Thanks in advanced!
  6. It is. Look at picture below: The sleep in the script is only for testing to try to resolve this problem I have. I have tried to have 180 and 300 sec of sleep both before and after resend software. But it seems that it does not help. Any advice?
  7. Hi! For almost all software we deploy with Automate we do verify that the installations went well by using the @softwarename@ varible. But I just want to check how you do this. I have created 2 new scripts today that will install MS Visio and MS Project (office 365) using ODT. The last part of the script checks IF @SoftwareName@ is installed go to cleanup. But sometimes it works and and sometimes it dosent even if the software is installed when we check this on the local PC. We do a Resend software before we check if the software is installed. I have tried to do a 3 and 5 minute script sleep right after resent software is initiated jst to see if that helps. But I get the same result, sometime it works, sometime it dosent. And the script sleep will add unnecessary time to the deployment as well. Thanks for any help to understand this. Thanks!
  8. Hi! Have enabled the monitor Updates - Failed and choose Autofix Action failed patch install. I though it will try to install the patch again. But I get a ticket saying: Failed Patch Installs for [COMPUTER NAME] and then it says: The following Patch(es) failed to install for [COMPUTER NAME]: But its empty. 1. Why dose it create a ticket on this? 2. Why dosent it displays the patch it could not install? Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Was looking into Ninite and at first it looked really good but then we realized that we need both Ninite and ninite solution that both cost. The price for both was a litte to much, first we though it was enough with ninite solution.
  10. Hi! We are looking for a way to patch 3rd party applications for our customers. What tool/intigration with automate does: - It best - For as many applications as possible Looked at this: https://www.connectwise.com/software/automate/patch-management/third-party-patching But as we already patch Java, Adobe Reader and Flash today with a "home made" script the above will only add patching for Adobe Shockwave, Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, PDF Creator, 7-Zip, Mozilla Firefox, Notepad++ and VLC Media Player. thanks.
  11. I have a working script for MS Teams wide installer (all users) that we deploy with Automate if anyone want it I can share. Just tell me how you want to get it delivered
  12. Forgot to mention that the above is for the .exe file and not the teams wide installer (msi). It will only install Teams for the user currently logged in.
  13. You need to run your Automate script with Console shell. Start the script with "If console logged on". If user logged on - continue. If not. Exit script or schedule a re-run. If user is logged on run the exe or msi with Console shell [Commands and install parameters] on %consolenumber% and it will install Teams.
  14. Picture was not found. Thanks anyway! 👍🙂
  15. Hi! Have created a simple script that will set the lock screen picture on windows 10 computer. The script below "works" in terms of it does everything stated in the script. But the lock screen dose not change. I know this can be done with a GPO but we want to push this even to our smaller customers that dont have an AD environment. What have I missed to let this script change the lock screen picture? Thanks!
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