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  1. Hi! What logs etc do you monitor for security reasons? Need some good practical examples and how you implemented them. Some examples could be, get alerts if domain admin accounts are created, login faliures etc etc. Thanks!
  2. We just ignore them. Dont know if that is the right thing to do but the reports do not contain anything we need at this time.
  3. Log out and back in again is enough.
  4. And yours is working? Our dosent, please share if yours working 🙂
  5. Hi! We do monitor customers printers for low toner levels. This works great but in the ticket created in Automate->Manage we also want to add the picture from the SNMP tab of the network device from Automate where you clearly see the levels of each toner. Is this possible to do in some way? Thanks!
  6. Here is the script. This has worked great for us. Just add your own e-mail for the ticketing creation in the script. Microsoft Teams Wide Installer.xml
  7. Hi! When we get tickets from blacklisted events we do not get the whole message. This is one example among many: Blacklisted Event. error trying to delete the history directory 'C:\inetpub\history\CFGHISTORY_0000001358'. The direc' The message is cut of. How can we get the whole message in our tickets? Thanks!
  8. This should be resolved now if you update to the latest patch (2020.5)
  9. That the icon is missing or dosent have your branding? We see both issiues.
  10. Looking for a new backup solution with great integration with both Automate and Manage. What are you using and why? What are your take on different solutions? Thanks!
  11. The branding icon or that the tray is totally gone? Thanks!
  12. We are using Sophos. It as proven it self in many third party tests and we have never had any damage from any ransomware since sophos. What we have heard about webroot is that their rollback function if a ransomeware hits you actually dont work. Might been fixed now, dont know since we dont use the product.
  13. Manage to find it. It wasent harder then this https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/060/020 Works fine! Thanks!
  14. Hi. We have problem that the tray icon is missing from the customers computers now and then. Some that is showing is missing the branded icon. It has the standard green icon instead. Anyone have the same problem? All AV exclutions are set as CW instructed. Anyone have a monitor or script to restart the tray when it goes missing? Or any other solution? Thanks in advanced!
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