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  1. If you feel the same way we do, please go in here and vote: https://enhancements.connectwise.com/communities/5/topics/18340-update-file-explorer-in-control-center If you dont feel this way please tell me how you work with it or if you have any workarounds. Thanks!
  2. I have not talked to CW yet.
  3. Will ConnecWise ever get a more modern File Explorer in Control Center? If we compare with other RMM tools CW Automates file explorer is really old and works really bad. Or is there any 3rd party alternative to use in automate instead? Thanks!
  4. aXz

    For Sophos partner

    For all Sophos partners that is using Automate. Here is their new Automate plugin: https://community.sophos.com/sophos-central-integrations/b/release-notes-news/posts/new-native-integration-for-connectwise-automate
  5. We automatically add time for patching, installation of our own scripts, autofixes like restarting services or clean up disks and do defrag. Some examples. We automatically add: * 3min per patching * 30min when we run our own script for purge old office and install O365 * 10min when we install customers VPN client * 10min when we upgrade VPN client For VPN client and other software we have added the ability for customers to kick off installations of approved software from the Tray icon. Even if they start the installation script on there own we still add the
  6. Also interested in this. Have anyone built a report in report center that list per customer, machines that have X % diskspace left and are able to share this report here? We want to schedule this report and then manually send the page of the report to the specific end user and tell them to manually clean the disk. Thanks!
  7. Ok. Both me and the local support had our heads up our a**. Why the monitor was "missing" was that Ignite was enabled. Sorry for this.
  8. Anyone know how Automate handels a restore 1.5 week back? Thinking of CW manage integration and other 3rd party intigrations. Will there be any problem to restore the server 1.5 week back in time? If its no way to get the monitors back again I guess we need to restore it to before we patched to patch9. Thanks.
  9. Created a support ticket on this to our local CW Automate support. They did instruct us to do some actions and now we have no monitors at ANY group left. Not even the ones we created our selfs. Anyone have any idea on how to get them back? Tried to just reapply the patch again without any luck. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Since patch 9 was installed all monitors under serviceplans->Windows servers->Server roles are gone!? Here is one example under Windows severs core services->Domain Controllers Anyone else facing this? And how can we get everything back? Thanks!
  11. Hi! What logs etc do you monitor for security reasons? Need some good practical examples and how you implemented them. Some examples could be, get alerts if domain admin accounts are created, login faliures etc etc. Thanks!
  12. We just ignore them. Dont know if that is the right thing to do but the reports do not contain anything we need at this time.
  13. Log out and back in again is enough.
  14. And yours is working? Our dosent, please share if yours working 🙂
  15. Hi! We do monitor customers printers for low toner levels. This works great but in the ticket created in Automate->Manage we also want to add the picture from the SNMP tab of the network device from Automate where you clearly see the levels of each toner. Is this possible to do in some way? Thanks!
  16. Here is the script. This has worked great for us. Just add your own e-mail for the ticketing creation in the script. Microsoft Teams Wide Installer.xml
  17. Hi! When we get tickets from blacklisted events we do not get the whole message. This is one example among many: Blacklisted Event. error trying to delete the history directory 'C:\inetpub\history\CFGHISTORY_0000001358'. The direc' The message is cut of. How can we get the whole message in our tickets? Thanks!
  18. This should be resolved now if you update to the latest patch (2020.5)
  19. That the icon is missing or dosent have your branding? We see both issiues.
  20. Looking for a new backup solution with great integration with both Automate and Manage. What are you using and why? What are your take on different solutions? Thanks!
  21. The branding icon or that the tray is totally gone? Thanks!
  22. We are using Sophos. It as proven it self in many third party tests and we have never had any damage from any ransomware since sophos. What we have heard about webroot is that their rollback function if a ransomeware hits you actually dont work. Might been fixed now, dont know since we dont use the product.
  23. Manage to find it. It wasent harder then this https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/060/020 Works fine! Thanks!
  24. Hi. We have problem that the tray icon is missing from the customers computers now and then. Some that is showing is missing the branded icon. It has the standard green icon instead. Anyone have the same problem? All AV exclutions are set as CW instructed. Anyone have a monitor or script to restart the tray when it goes missing? Or any other solution? Thanks in advanced!
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