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  1. Ah! I made a couple small tweaks, but that is what I needed! As far as I can tell, it is doing what I want it to do. Thank you for the help!
  2. v_smartattributes.Threshold > 0 AND ((Computers.Flags & 2048) <> 2048) AND (computers.os NOT LIKE 'Mac OS X%' AND computers.os NOT LIKE 'Linux%') AND v_smartattributes.attributeid <> 190 AND v_smartattributes.attributeid <> 195 AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE) I know the table that holds that information. It's the drives table under the ssd section. So it would be something like drives.ssd = 0, but I don't know enough about SQL code to integrate that into the Additional Condition block.
  3. Wow, I totally spaced that I need this to be specific to SSDs. Yes, attribute 195 is now excluded from the monitor, but how do I make this only exclude SMART attribute 195 if the drive is an SSD?
  4. Got it! This solved my issue, thank you so much!
  5. Automate's SMART monitor has been giving false positives for certain machines we have with SSD drives. I reached out to Automate support about this but they said we would need to customize the monitor to fix this. They showed us where to go to in the Automate settings to customize the monitor, but as for the specifics of how to actually do it, they said that was out of the scope of their support. What needs to happen is that I need to add some additional conditions (see the attached screenshot) so that SMART attribute 195 is ignored if the drive is an SSD. I have no idea how to achieve this. Does anyone here have experience with customizing their Automate SMART monitor that could help me out with this or point me to some resources to get started with figuring this out?
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