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  1. Rafe Spaulding

    Backup Solution Rating

    My personal opinion "of" the ones you mentioned, would be Storagecraft. I like it's integration and notifications. But, my personal preference (No integration which totally sucks) are Barracuda backup appliances. Still waiting and hoping for Barracuda integration. Acronis is too bloaty, and my experience with Datto was disastrous, didn't do anything it claimed it was able to do.
  2. I am seeing this with Webroot myself. I have many agents reporting the install/software path as C:\temppath, D:\Temppath, z:\temppath, etc... yet the physical location is within c:\program files.... Is there a fix for this? Automate is reporting Webroot is not installed, and it is in fact installed. Within the registry of these machines, I do see an installer listed in those temppath folders. I'm not sure where to go for direction. Webroot support? Automate support?
  3. Rafe Spaulding

    Labtech shows Webroot not installed

    I have been dealing with this for a while.. The only fix I have found (And we are currently scripting this) is: #1. Open client, go to software tab. (Note: The script "Actions, Webroot, uninstall" never seems to work for me.) #2. Find Webroot, right click and uninstall. #3. Run script, "Actions, Webroot, Install" #4 Go to Commands, Inventory,Update config #5 Go to Commands, Inventory, Resend all inventory. Wait a few minutes and refresh, it will report correctly now.
  4. Rafe Spaulding

    Remove another MSP LT Agent

    I used a bit from many parts of this forum, and a little of my own batch file knowledge to create this. This BATCH script will create a loop from x to x (1-254 for example) and apply the variable to the end of an ip address to cycle through each IP on your network to rip and replace Labtech. for /L %%a in (1,1,254) do c:\windows\ltsvc\PsExec.exe \\192.168.1.%%a -n 8 "%windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" "(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://bit.ly/LTPoSh') | iex; Reinstall-LTService -server https://fqdnofLabtech.com -LocationID xxx" Definition: for /L %%a in (1,1,254) = create a loop from 1-254 and store in value %%a (To be run from a batch file) 5-250 would look like (5,1,250) Definition: 192.168.1.%%A = (You can use any internal network IP's you wish) RipAndReplaceLabtech - Sanitized.bat
  5. Rafe Spaulding

    Daily SQL Script

    Please delete this question, human error
  6. Rafe Spaulding

    Cannot get Function File Copy to work

    Thank you, Darren. I was afraid of that. I have a script which reads information from a technician created CSV file to add bulk users to Active directory in a loop. Fields include (Firstname, Lastname, username, OU, Homedrive, Homedirectory, Department, email, etc...) The script calls for the csv file from a location of c:\scripts\newusers.csv on the Agent. It works perfectly, however I am having to MANUALLY copy the newusers.csv created file to the Agent in order for the script to run as an automate script. I was looking for a way to have the script to copy the newusers.csv file from the technicians workstation to the AGENT, but apparently that is not possible. Not a huge deal, just use Teamviewer, Bomgar, or Screenconnect to manually transfer file and it works fine... Was just hoping for complete automation. My plan is to create scripts to export all users from a pre-existing server into a csv file, and run the script onto a NEW server to rebuild users/gpo's/etc.... I wonder if Screenconnect or Teamviewer have command line options to transfer files... Will look into that.
  7. I am writing a script to add users to active directory using a powershell script and a CSV file. I am creating the file on my local computer at c:\scripts\newusers.csv and need to copy this same file to the c:\scripts\newusers.csv on the destination domain controller for powershell script to run. (This works correctly when I manually move the file to the server, and powershell works). I have tried: File copy, File copy as admin, File copy as user, File copy to /labtech/transfer/uploads... I can't seem to get it to work. Script log always says "File Copy appeared to fail"... Is this something that can be done? source = MY local workstation c:\scripts\newusers.csv destination = Agent domain controller c:\scripts\newusers.csv
  8. Rafe Spaulding

    Blacklisted software block or uninstall

    I truly appreciate this monitor/script. However, it does not seem to be working for me. The monitor detects the blacklisted software, and I have set the autofix action script. How do I know the script is running? It doesn't appear to be even trying to launch the script? Also, where does the @result@ variable come from?
  9. Rafe Spaulding

    Email Box Monitor Plugin

    I see this as an older post, however, I am curious if this is a current plugin for v12.5? I am in need of this plugin to monitor "Barracuda" backups. Are there alternatives to this?
  10. I must have zigged when I should have zagged when installing a plugin. I ended up with ONE plugin, but TWO tabs within each client/location for Filehog. How do I remove that second tab? I have tried uninstalling the plugin, and ONE tab disappears, but the other remains. When I reinstall the plugin the second one appears again. They both do exactly the same thing, it just looks ugly.
  11. Please, could you be more specific on step 2 "Modify the scripts to point to them". May I have examples?? I'm a newbie, and am confused...
  12. Please, I am a newbie and documenting everything I am learning. I have a need to MONITOR if a certain file is running on one of my servers. The file is "D:\Apps\pvx\pvxplus.exe". I see it within task manager on the server, but is not showing as a "Process/Software/nor Service" within automate. I need to monitor this server for "If this file is NOT running, create a ticket". Thank you.
  13. Rafe Spaulding

    Disk Clean Up Monitor

    The solution I found for my environment was to locate WHERE the TEMPFILES variable was coming from in the first place. I adjusted the threshold from 50GB to 200 GB by editing the following location: Automation/Monitors/Internal Monitors/DRV- Disk Cleanup Workstations (Double-click on DRV - Disk Cleanup Workstations). Browse to CONFIGURATION Tab, and adjusted the tempfiles "Result" filed (Field is written in BYTES, so 200GB = approx. 200000000.
  14. Rafe Spaulding

    Teamviewer Integration

    Can anyone tell me where I would find the following information within my configurations for Teamviewer Integration? There is no documentation, and I am not sure what information is needed? It seems simple, but I'm not sure the exact information it needs. OEM ID? Authentication ID? Version?