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  1. I was looking to add 2 columns to the default view of Dataview. If it needs to be software, we can limit it to this too. Online/offine status, last contact date & location if possible. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Anyone have experience with Sysaid removal through Automate? I found on their forums, they may have a removal tool, they just created few years back. Was hoping someone had that tool?
  3. I've been in multiple Labtech/Automate environments. 200-1500 agents. Put simply, it always has under performed. I've had the VM server on-prem same building, server in data-center & server in another state. I've done in place upgrades & solo upgrade to 12. I would recommend only have plugins you're utilizing and keep them up to date. Ensure the maintenance that are set out of the box are functioning. I've never used the web version. I think if this product is used as intended in its major parts, it worth the wait.
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