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  1. @rmuell01 Thank you very much for sharing the steps of creating this great report. I have an issue with some of clients. Although I have the reports for most of clients as shown in screenshot but a few clients "password compliance report"'s output is empty. Would you mind informing me what I should do to rectify that? Kind regards, Dayrak
  2. How can I send a broadcast message for one location via labtech?
  3. Hi @DarrenDK, Would you please let me know how i should run these two steps? Thanks
  4. @DarrenWhite99 Apart from activating this monitor, activated "LT - New Computer Detected* ". I receive a list of every device ( phones, some network devices and some number) how can i explain to this monitor to return only ( computers) which has been connected to the network.
  5. @DarrenWhite99 Hi Darren, It seems that the monitor can not be located in All monitors. How is that possible to amend the monitor without going through every single agent monitor and tick the override option? Regards,
  6. This works. https://www.gavsto.com/free-report-get-a-second-opinion-on-your-patching/
    @DarrenWhite99 Hi Darren, I had some inactive agents in my list which causing some issue specially at the time of report for ( monitoring patches and etc). my strategy was to awaken them to update the agent or delete them. I did run "Push ConnectWise Automate to Domain" against DC and after that run Cleanup inactive agents >90 days. As a consequence some devices become retired and I realized that part of those devices are in production environment and we need to have screen connect access and also need have them monitored. Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Kind regards, Dayrak
  7. @Teeevv @Gavsto Thanks for sharing this great way to monitor Updates. Would you please share the steps of how you created two new extra data fields and populated them with a small powershell script? Cheers.
  8. I can fully uninstall Dell support Assist when I run the command in my PC but it does not work as a script. Am I missing any step? " Get-CimInstance -Classname Win32_Product | Where-Object Name -Match ‘Dell SupportAssist’ | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName UnInstall "
  9. Any idea? Wanted to make a report for KB ID 4499164 Win Server 2008 R2. Deployment bar -- Grey Compliance 0% Devices deployment Status: KB ID has been installed for all devices in the list. Why the bar and compliance do not show the progress? Regards,
  10. Hi Darren, I received the error message once I try to change the alert template and I receive following error. any guidance appreciated.
  11. I scheduled a script to be run for two days only although it seems it does not stop. Killing the script in mgmt - scripts. Did not stop the script. Any idea?
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