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  1. Hello All, I have been receiving this error every day: Drive check failed: [G: missing frag data],. Update check failed: ^0 Critical @ 75%,|0 Elevated patches found,~45 Standard @ 5% Any idea how I can fix these issues? Kind regards,
  2. Hello all, Has anyone cleaned IIS Log Files successfully? Kind regards,
  3. This is the options that I have to choose for starting Remote monitor and none of those ends in a similar window as @kkevgreen @DarrenWhite99@kkevgreen Would you please explain the steps in more details?
  4. Dayrak

    Find Rogue DHCP Servers, No DHCP, etc.

    Would you please share some tips to be able to monitor the DHCP Scope remaining IP addresses to be leased and receive the alerts when is about 10?
  5. Dayrak

    DHCP Scope Monitoring

    Would you please explain in details for newb?
  6. Would you please explain in details, that what I should do to be able to run this monitor up and running? I need to create another monitor for DHCP remaining address to be leased.
  7. Dayrak

    DHCP scope monitor

    how did you whitelisted those events?
  8. Dayrak

    DHCP scope monitor

    there are four options to choose from, dhcp-client, dhcp-nap-enforcement-client, dhcp-server, dhcpv6-client- which one should be ticked? Need to receive the alert when there are only 10 addresses to be leased.
  9. Dayrak

    BgInfo Script Doesn't work

    1 DOWNLOAD Force: /Labtech/App/BgInfo64.exe saved to %windir%\Temp\BgInfo64.exe Continue On Failure All Operating Systems 2 SHELL as Admin: "%windir%\Temp\BgInfo64.exe" /i "%windir%\Temp\BgInfo64.exe" /q and store the result in %shellresult% Exit On Failure All Operating Systems Why my script doe not work?
  10. Dayrak

    Virus scanner checks

    how to update expired key for webroot?
  11. Dayrak

    Webroot Mac Install Script

    i need to update expired keycode by a script how can make it?
  12. Dayrak

    Scripting Webroot install for Mac

    how to update expired key for windows by script?
  13. Dayrak

    Update kyecode for AV

    I would like to be guided to be able to update AV extra-data field with the right key for the clients as well as to be able to run the related script to update the expired keys. thanks