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  1. Dayrak

    Not showing progress

    Any idea? Wanted to make a report for KB ID 4499164 Win Server 2008 R2. Deployment bar -- Grey Compliance 0% Devices deployment Status: KB ID has been installed for all devices in the list. Why the bar and compliance do not show the progress? Regards,
  2. Hi Darren, I received the error message once I try to change the alert template and I receive following error. any guidance appreciated.
  3. How am I able to stop it?
  4. Dayrak

    Kill the scheduled script

    I scheduled a script to be run for two days only although it seems it does not stop. Killing the script in mgmt - scripts. Did not stop the script. Any idea?
  5. Thank you Darren that works for me. Great job!
  6. Dayrak

    Device Purge/Retire

    Is this script will purge VMs or servers? If yes, how can I exclude VMs and servers?
  7. Dayrak

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    Would you please explain these steps? 1. You must make sure that your Hyper-V host is configured to perform a regular shutdown without crashing the guests. 2. Guest VM's should be configured to shutdown or save when the host shuts down. Thanks
  8. Dayrak

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    Would you please share the process that you are following?
  9. Hello All, I have been receiving this error every day: Drive check failed: [G: missing frag data],. Update check failed: ^0 Critical @ 75%,|0 Elevated patches found,~45 Standard @ 5% Any idea how I can fix these issues? Kind regards,
  10. Hello all, Has anyone cleaned IIS Log Files successfully? Kind regards,
  11. This is the options that I have to choose for starting Remote monitor and none of those ends in a similar window as @kkevgreen @DarrenWhite99@kkevgreen Would you please explain the steps in more details?
  12. Dayrak

    Find Rogue DHCP Servers, No DHCP, etc.

    Would you please share some tips to be able to monitor the DHCP Scope remaining IP addresses to be leased and receive the alerts when is about 10?
  13. Dayrak

    DHCP Scope Monitoring

    Would you please explain in details for newb?
  14. Would you please explain in details, that what I should do to be able to run this monitor up and running? I need to create another monitor for DHCP remaining address to be leased.