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  1. So we have a couple situations where our clients have some Mac machines (not on domain) or a larger org that actually has two domains. In this case, they have different admin accounts since the domain portion is going to be different. Is the only way to handle this by creating multiple locations? We integrate with Manage and so didn't want to do that, but seems like the only option. What do you guys do? How do you typically structure? Is there a way we can input the credentials so it's kind of domain agnostic? If we just don't include a domain it auto append whatever the machine is on or local account if that's the case.
  2. ZenTekDS

    Disk Cleanup Project

    Sure, please do.
  3. ZenTekDS

    Disk Cleanup Project

    Much appreciated. Not sure why I couldn’t find it.
  4. ZenTekDS

    Disk Cleanup Project

    If you could post would be great. Didn’t have luck finding.
  5. ZenTekDS

    Removing duplicate agents

    This works perfect. Thank you.
  6. ZenTekDS

    Editing/Deleting EDF's

    So before I go crazy with EDF's trying to Automate more and more as we onboard with Automate, I want to hold back a little. I had opened a support case and they mentioned you can't rename tab's or delete EDF's. Is this correct? I'm a little worried I design something in a not great way now that I want to change down the road. Is it possible to change an EDF type from Dropdown to Checkbox (it looks like you can) and if you do, what happens to the data for anything that's been selected previously? Is it possible to rename a custom tab somehow? What about delete an unused tab? Thank you!
  7. ZenTekDS

    Run Process as Logged in User

    Yea the guys on slack pointed me here. Worked well. Wish you could run a script as the logged on user, but doesn't appear to be possible directly. Can run a shell command calling a downloaded script will have to do.
  8. ZenTekDS

    Desktop Shortcut

    I've had this script I've used in our old RMM which would allow you to execute the script as the logged in user. I don't seem to have found a way to do this. Is there a way or what's the best way to create a shortcut on the current users desktop? $Shell = New-Object -ComObject ("WScript.Shell") $Favorite = $Shell.CreateShortcut($env:USERPROFILE + "\Desktop\MyShortcut.url") $Favorite.TargetPath = "http://www.google.com"; $Favorite.Save()
  9. ZenTekDS

    Software deployment

    This is awesome. Thanks for this share.
  10. ZenTekDS

    Office purge and replace with 365 script

    This is awesome, thank you.
  11. ZenTekDS

    Run Process as Logged in User

    Newer here to everything, appreciate any guidance. Basically, we have a customer running Box Sync. It doesn't run as a service and actually just runs as a background process under the logged in user. So I created a Group that Autojoins on a search to monitor the machines with Box Sync. Then a remote monitor watching the process. Looks like I'll create a new Autofix Alert Template and then I copied an Autofix script to repurpose. However, I don't see a way to launch a process as the current logged in user. Only as admin, system, or a specific user. Is it not possible to relaunch the process if it quits as the current logged in user using a Automate script function? Appreciate any guidance.
  12. This all is very helpful. Thanks for the shares.
  13. ZenTekDS

    QB Web Patch Silent

    If you find a way would love to know.
  14. ZenTekDS

    CWControl/ScreenConnect Scripting - Install/Remove

    Darren, Will this work as a measure to update agents after making changes to the Control configuration such as hiding the tray icon and such? We just moved to Automate and the integrated Control and didn’t see a way to easily reinstall to make the changes apply. Seems like this would do the trick.
  15. ZenTekDS

    How to run a powershell script

    Same question, is it possible to import PowerShell script contents for automate to run them on endpoints?