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  1. BenF

    Automate Agent Licenses Available

    We were running out of licences. I changed the Check Condition from 40 to 400 and ran it and still had issues. When I run the built query manually, it comes up empty. Running Automate 2019.4 here:
  2. BenF

    Automate Agent Licenses Available

    I've imported this now and trying to test that it works. I would love some help if possible, is there a way to see or test this monitor in Automate 12. When I do a build and view query no results are returned at all
  3. BenF

    SQL Query to pull agent count by Client

    Love this! Is there a way to have this put into a report format at all? Would be awesome to get this to email the team once a month!
  4. BenF

    Discover Keys - Product Key Collector

    Looking for something like this, but looks like the plugin installer is dead
  5. BenF

    Issue with Product Keys Script

    I changed line 19 to Run as Admin which appears to have resolved the issues I had:
  6. BenF

    Labtech Ignite Mod Tool

    Thanks so much for this Michael, looks amazing. Would love to see it be made available to cloud partners ❤️
  7. Curious to know if anyone has been able to create a script that would use these monitors to delete the duplicate agents, and if so would they be willing to share?
  8. Silly question, but have you set SNMP and ensured that the firewalls are set correctly?