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  1. I am looking to see what they actually do with the VAC for automate. I am waiting on this to be completed for use and management. We love veeam but hate the lack of management for windows agents.
  2. Hello Chris, The solution was following the steps I listed above from Automate support. Basically, I updated the password lists on the location to include that of the esx hosts, then I made sure that the virtualization tab for the esx host lined up with the right credentials. Once I confirmed the passwords were set to the right esx hosts, I was able to send the update plugin command to the esx probe and that would update virtualization manager to have the right password at that point. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out.
  3. Hello Everyone, I was able to resolve my issue with support! thanks to all of you who helped me. I believe my issue was related to updating the agent with the needed passwords on virtualization manager. If anyone needs help feel free to reach out!
  4. Hello Guys, I got with Automate support and they messaged the following. thank you again for your time and patience this morning. Just to recap, we took a look at the issues you're experiencing with the Virtualization Manager and ESXi hosts not showing. We went ahead and updated the ConnectWise Network Detection Solution as well as the Virtualization Manager plug-in. Updated the plugins on the Network Probe (FS-PC), then restart the agent services. Thus far we've not had any luck. I'm going to be reaching out to one of my Probe Experts on this. Once I've had a chance to speak with them, I will reach back out. I am also including a series of steps to give a shot, in the mean time. • Right click on Network Probe • Go to Commands • Highlight Probe • Select Purge Network Devices. Once that has completed: • Delete the following files from the Network Probe agent machine: • C:\windows\ltsvc\lt_netscan.log • C:\windows\ltsvc\lt_netaccess.log (if its missing, that's fine) • C:\windows\ltsvc\lt_netMap.log • C:\windows\ltsvc\mynetwork.xml •Clear the ARP Cache on the Network Probe Machine via command prompt using the following command: arp -d * • Restart the Automate Agent Services on the Network Probe agent. Once the Probe Agent has restarted, this should give us a clean slate. • Start a new discovery scan. Once these items have been performed, please let me know if the hosts are showing properly in the Virtualization Manager. I noted that on my C:\Windows\LTsvc\Plugin_VM.txt file Saw this for the host I am trying to connect with Virtualization Manager, but I see that I have the proper credentials to test with. See picture attached for the successful credentials! 12/19/2018 10:31:00 AM INFO ESX Device [DeviceId 1391; IP Address; TypeId 18] has no available credentials, but is unable to trigger an automatic download of credentials due to timeout period.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Ryan, I thought it would be quick, but on my end I am still not seeing any hosts from that location come up on virtualization manager. I guess something else may be wrong here, but I just don't know what.
  6. I just enabled the mac address scanning on my end. Do you know how long we are meant to wait for results on this?
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