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  1. Scott Morris

    Patch 2019.3

    I too can confirm that updating the plugin, then sending the Update Plugins command fixes the issue. I love sitting in the chat queue for 20 minutes and fixing it before I actually get to talk to someone 😐
  2. Scott Morris

    Switch from N-central?

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply! Everything you said confirms my suspicions/thoughts/concerns. N-central is very solid, and you're absolutely correct that new releases are bulletproof. I do like the cleanliness of the NC interface, but that also leads to one of my frustration points: from a Dashboard, you can't select multiple agents and perform an action - you have to go to All Devices, re-apply whatever filter you had applied on that Dashboard, then perform whatever action you wanted to do. I like how you can CTRL and Shift select agents just like you would working throughout Windows. Additionally, not being able to apply multiple filters at once to drill down on criteria gets old - I'm hoping the Searches feature in CWA will be a better solution to that. I'm familiar with filters in NC to drill down, but once you have that filtered list you can't do anything with it (besides save the filter, go back to All Devices, apply the filter, etc). I actually decided to make the plunge last Friday, so I'll post updates here through my process - hopefully it will help others with this same questions (or even migrating the opposite direction). I'm definitely still interested in hearing thoughts and opinions - I haven't cut ties with NC yet, nor have I event started the process. I have a window of time where I can back out of Automate and I'll just be out whatever implementation hours I've used - I have 2 months left with NC.
  3. Scott Morris

    Switch from N-central?

    Hi all! I am considering switching from N-central to Automate and am just looking for opinions. I know posting here isn’t exactly going to be prone to unbiased opinions, but at the same time I may actually get more accurate responses. I’m really curious to hear from people that have/had extensive experience with N-central (preferably more recent versions - comparisons from v9/10 won’t be terribly helpful) and switched to or from Automate. I’ve had N-central for about 6 years and currently manage ~400 endpoints, and overall I like it; that said, I’m always keeping my options open. I have ample experience configuring and tweaking N-central to do what I want, so the thought of ripping my RMM apart (along with all the integrations, etc) is a monumental untertaking. I also use ConnectWise Manage, and love it - my hope is slightly tighter integration between the two. SolarWinds is pretty proud of their integration, but I can’t help but think Automate would be better. I’ve been on a trial of Automate for a bit over 2 weeks and have had numerous demos. Overall I like what I see - there are aspects about Automate that are AWESOME. One thing that really worries me, however, is the integration aspect with 3rd party vendors. With N-central, everything is tied in under 1 pane of glass with nowhere else to go for anything - this can be both good and bad. I don’t want to create accounts for all my staff at Webroot, Acronis, BitDefender, etc, etc, etc - ALL day-to-day operations must be handled through Automate, and I can’t have people bugging me requesting that I go log in to do XYZ for them. Initially, one thing that I’m struggling with is I can’t disable Webroot in order to install a program that it’s blocking - is this me not knowing something, or are these the types of things that I’m going to struggle with throughout my Automate experience? I could probably write a book on questions/comments/concerns, but I’ll finish up with this - how is the ticket noise difference? One thing I struggle with in N-central is either getting the notifications I want, or refining notifications I don’t. For example, if a user visits a website that triggers multiple phishing alerts, there’s no way to generate 1 ticket that contains all the info, each event is a separte ticket that must be manually merged, etc - I literally had one client machine puke out 500 tickets in a 1 second time frame. Most aren’t that bad, but I’m constantly merging 5-20 tickets together that contain the same info, it’s a pain in then neck and VERY inefficient. Honestly, this is one of my main reasons for even considering switching - granted it will not be the ultimate deciding factor, but I doubt I’d be this far down the road if the notification issue weren’t there... Does Automate have these same types of issues? I know nothing is perfect and all will require refining - my problem is I’ve spent over a year “refining” and haven’t eeen the results I want. I’ve gone so far as completely turning off categories of alerts; thus, there may be important things that we’re missing, but it’s not worth sifting through hundreds of tickets to find that “important thing.” Thanks for any input!