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  1. Hi All After spending quite a bit of time with ConnectWise support, the issue with scanning multiple vlans is that the probe needs to use SNMP to retrieve MAC information from devices in vlans and it looks like the default install of Labtech does not have MIBs and Detection templates for Sonicwall TZ300, D-link DSG-1210-28P switches and Xirrus APs which are the only devices in the vlan I was trying to scan... Can anyone help with Detection templates ? I can get the mibs online but where do I install them on the Probe server? Can any tell I know very little about labtech :) Cheers Stephen
  2. Hi All I new to Labtech , so sorry in advance if I'm missing a basic step I have a client , they has a small network 90 odd devices , 3 vlans , one for data and 1 for device management and 1 for guest internet access All PC/servers/printers/.. live on a network, Switches and Wifi APs , about 25 devices , all sit on a management vlan I setup a probe on one of the server, it's a version 2 probe, after enabling it, I then go to Network Probe -> Setting add the network , the probe never finds devices in the network. From the server the probe is running on , I can ping very active device in the network, I've tried moving the Network Probe to different servers , always the same results , it never finds any devices in the network. Where do I start Cheers, Stephen
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