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  1. I got it fixed and working properly now. I'm really not sure what was done different other than I opened automate as administrator. Beats me 😛
  2. Yea I have attempted that and reopened control center as admin. Still no luck. I have even tried making seperate EDF's or copying working edf's and still get no results.
  3. Hi labtech Geeks! I am new here so pardon me if I am not providing needed information. I am trying to create an advanced search for an EDF I created that is simply a checkmark, basically true or false EDF. I was going to create a search and have it collect agents into a group through autojoin and then of course apply a script to run to that group on a schedule. For some reason the EDF does not work or something even though I find the options properly when building the query in the advanced search builder. I was able to create a custom SQL query to find what i need by querying the database manually but how would I make that SQL query I created into an advanced search to apply to a group? Thanks for any and all help!
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