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  1. .ps1, and 7z have always downloaded fine. Now those 2 types are failing. There may be others I haven't seen yet.
  2. On patch 9, seem to have scripts failing to download from LTShare. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  3. I do a dataview at the end of every month. Look for Agent Status, and I sort by last contact date. Delete any over a month old.
  4. I put MFA on those accounts. If Connectwise needs access, I am happy to give it to them with a Control session.
  5. The description for 2019.7 says no major qol changes, however I feel like it should be noted that "View" was released, as well as the command prompt / powershell window in web version for non super-admins.
  6. Looking to upgrade to 2019.7 tomorrow. Want to know of anyone that has already upgraded, are there any issues you have seen. No known issues from Connectwise being reported yet that I can find.
  7. Anyone else had an issue with non super-admins not being able to run scripts while on web version? I opened a chat with support and it got immediately escalated. Known issue?
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