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  1. @DarrenWhite99 do you know v_extradatacomputers relationship for the report? I am trying to show the new extra data field in the assets summary report
  2. I have created the new Extra Datafeild under computers and when trying to go and edit the report in data source edition I am unable to make a link with the relationship, do you know which field i can match? so it will show me the report. I am trying to play in an asset summary report.
  3. Thanks, I found it but when going into the preview it showing black, I have tried to populate few data in fields. attached screenshot
  4. Hello All, I am new in a group. we have recently deploy connect wise automate - cloud, and I have added an extra field in computer lab name "department". is there any way when I browse the asset summary report I can also view department there or I can customize the report, but I don't know where to call the field from?
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