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  1. Alas! Here are ALL the resources you could need on this! For a great, unofficial, collection of the Labtech Database Schema (data dictionary): https://lt.rmmsecurity.com/LT%20Data%20Dictionary/main.html Now, in my case, it was a Micron SSD that was triggering a false-postive; and so, with the help of the above dictionary, I was able to create and add the following SQL statement: ... AND v_smartattributes.model not like 'Micron%' ... at the time of this post, the DRV - Smart Failures (448) monitor's Additional Condition is the following (including my addition) v_smartattributes.Threshold>0 and ((((Computers.Flags & 2048) <> 2048)) ) and (computers.os not like 'Mac OS X%' and computers.os not like 'Linux%') and v_smartattributes.attributeid<>190 AND v_smartattributes.model not like 'Micron%' AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE) Works GREAT! false positive from Micron SSD is now OUT!
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