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  1. Thanks @MetaMSP, this is quite helpful. I understand the current state of the product now. Purely for discussion, wouldn't it make more sense for Automate to centrally inventory the patches and then have the WUA query LT for what patches are available? This is what WSUS does as well as other patching solutions. Regardless, if we can get WSUS to integrate we'll be moving the right direction. Jason
  2. Was just told by Automate support that Patch Manager requires all Windows devices to have unrestricted access to Windows Update via the internet to get patch inventory. I know that Automate uses the WUA for patching. I have reviewed the content here for caching but still not 100% on inventory. 1. Is this information correct? 2. Is there a way to provide patch inventory without internet access? We have Windows desktops that have very limited access to the internet for security purposes. We were told that Automate managed the patch inventory and was able to distribute the patches. Thanks.
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