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  1. just_some_random_dud

    Discover Keys - Product Key Collector

    I'm absolutely floored by how fast you responded to this on a Sunday afternoon. I followed the steps you sent, but I am still having trouble getting the product keys tile to populate on individual computers. I am not sure if I am forcing it to run correctly. "Command> update everything" Also I am putting the product key in and hitting save is it normal for that key field to be blanked out when you re-open the window?
  2. just_some_random_dud

    Discover Keys - Product Key Collector

    This seems like a very cool plugin, but I'm having some difficulty getting it to run. I can get into the main screen and adjust settings but I can't get it to populate any information on the client screens, everything is just blank. I Have done multiple update configs/everything. I've manually run the "recover keys" script. It fails downloading all files, there isn't a folder in my /tools folder for recover keys. is there any way I can get this manually? I ran your plugin installer multiple times. I feel like i'm missing a step but can't figure out what it is.