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  1. Does anyone know what permissions a user needs to view the "ConnectWise Now" dashboard style screen on the web control center? I'd like my NOC screen to display that screen but the user can't see it.
  2. Thanks, although "%FIELDRESULT%" isn't in the alert message. I have: %name% Detected on %clientname%\%computername% at %locationname%. Bad Ports are:1080,2283, 2535, 2745, 3127, 3128, 3410, 5554, 8866, 9898, 12345, 17300, 27374 Open Ports are: %FieldName%|tzcompdisabled=1|priority=1 In the ticket I see only the first few open ports. I'll be honest I don't fully understand the syntax here.
  3. Hi all, I'm playing with backing up network device configs to an Automate Network Probe. I have the TFTP server set up, allowing uploads from my network devices. When I copy a config from an network device to the Network Probe it reports that it has copied OK but I can't find where it's stored on the Network Probe??? I can't see it in the TFTP Server section or in the C:\Windows\LTSvc\TFTP when I look at the probe itself. So the question is where are the file going?
  4. Hi, When ever we see a ticket created for the Monitor "TCP - Suspicious Ports" the text is truncated. Does anyone know of a way we can see the whole message? I'm trying to reduce the need to for someone to delve into the device info and be able to assess the ticket quickly.
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