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  1. Thanks, although "%FIELDRESULT%" isn't in the alert message. I have: %name% Detected on %clientname%\%computername% at %locationname%. Bad Ports are:1080,2283, 2535, 2745, 3127, 3128, 3410, 5554, 8866, 9898, 12345, 17300, 27374 Open Ports are: %FieldName%|tzcompdisabled=1|priority=1 In the ticket I see only the first few open ports. I'll be honest I don't fully understand the syntax here.
  2. Hi all, I'm playing with backing up network device configs to an Automate Network Probe. I have the TFTP server set up, allowing uploads from my network devices. When I copy a config from an network device to the Network Probe it reports that it has copied OK but I can't find where it's stored on the Network Probe??? I can't see it in the TFTP Server section or in the C:\Windows\LTSvc\TFTP when I look at the probe itself. So the question is where are the file going?
  3. Hi, When ever we see a ticket created for the Monitor "TCP - Suspicious Ports" the text is truncated. Does anyone know of a way we can see the whole message? I'm trying to reduce the need to for someone to delve into the device info and be able to assess the ticket quickly.