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  1. Thank you DarrenWhite99. That solved the issue. Below are the changes that I made to get it working per your suggestion.
  2. I am having issues with a File Download operation in a script. I've pulled out the 4 lines that copy the file for testing purposes. LabTech server shell execute cmd.exe /c dir / b "%lltshare%\Transfer\Software\ESET\FileSecurity" | find "File_Security_Installer" SET: @FileName@ = %shellresult% Create Folder as Admin: C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\FileSecurity DOWNLOAD: /Labtech/Transfer/Software/ESET/FileSecurity/@FileName@ saved to C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\filesecurity\@FileName@ All works, except for the last line. Below is the script output: IF F1 T: 1.3674454 L2 F181 Command (P1): cmd.exe T: 1.3674454 L3 F20 SetType(P1):1 Parameter(P2):'AiO_File_Security_Installer.ex...' VariableName(P3):FileName T: 2.0798917 L4 F155 Folder (P1): C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\FileSecurity T: 2.0798917 L5 F28 Local (P1): Software\ESET\FileSecurity\AiO_File_Security_Installer.exe Destination (P2): 'C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\filesecurity\AiO_File_Securit...' T: 167.3284872 L6 F29 Message (P1): 'ERR Access Denied writing to Local File C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\filesecurity\AiO_Fi...' T: 185.380119 The script finds the file named 'AiO_File_Security_Installer.exe' and sets the variable @fileName@ successfully, but the actual file download operation fails with Access Denied. The interesting part is that if I change the last line of the script to a non-variable file name then the file download works fine. Example: from: DOWNLOAD: /Labtech/Transfer/Software/ESET/FileSecurity/@FileName@ saved to C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\filesecurity\@FileName@ -to- DOWNLOAD: /Labtech/Transfer/Software/ESET/FileSecurity/@FileName@ saved to C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\eset\filesecurity\MyFileName.exe The Deployments & Defaults tab has an Administrator account entered. Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks - Steve
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