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  1. I'm new to Automate - so please be gentle. I'm looking for a way of monitoring external firewall ports for a client. So, for example, Client A has a vendor that doesn't like to work onsite so they open a port on the firewall so they can work remotely - the problems are: 1- we don't know it's opened (onsite tech opens it) 2 - we don't know what port they opened Without old RMM I setup a monitor for standard ports - 3389, etc. but they just started using non-standard to get around it. I'd like to be able to monitor ALL ports for changes really so if all of a sudden port 8523 opens, I know it. I'm wondering if there is a way in Automate to monitor this natively without having to monitor the results of an executable and and a 3rd party program. Is anyone doing this now or does anyone have an idea of how to do it with Automate?
  2. Tularis - did you ever find an option? Looking for the best for Automate today - we use so many different but want to streamline.
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