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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I saw that function on the URL but the file itself isn't on a public website (well it is but you have to login to get the latest version). Labtech server is perfect as it is accessible by the script and is not publicly available. For now I have just put a Script Sleep line in that waits for 60 seconds. It is only a 212mb file so that is plenty for now. Might be a cleaner way but this will work for now. Would be a nice addition to the File Download function though IMO.
  2. We have a nice simple script used to install .exe based programs. It is chopped/changed version from the Acrobat installer iirc. We place the .exe in the Labtech/Transfer folder. The script downloads from here to the packages folder. We then check if it exists and if it does we run it. Classic example is using it to install VLC player via a silent mode on non domain machines. This works well for VLC which is a small file however when running on a 212mb file it downloads but does not seem to then run. The only method to get it to work is to put it on a 'run X number of times' schedule. To me this suggests it starts the download, see's the file but doesn't or cannot run it because it hasn't completed. Does that sound correct? Is there a way we can delay the script running the install part until the download is complete or does it sound more an issue with the script?
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