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  1. Hi All, I have implemented the setup to reboot the server. I want to check server online status with ping proof by email. means after rebooted server, script will check all server with ping and send all servers detail in one email with ping result. i have created script that is trying to ping and send email with result. it is working on single server. I am not sure how i can create loop in script that all servers result can send by one email. Is there any way that we can create single txt file on remote server ( automate server). then ping will run on server and script write this result to txt file then check another and write result same txt file . or any other way . Any idea is it possible ? Thanks,
  2. Harbhajan

    Looping File Write Function wrt SQL Query results

    Thanks Darren it worked. Can you let me know one more thing if possible . how we can export ping result into text file from labtech script . I am trying to use "ping ipaddress >>path" but it is not working.
  3. Harbhajan

    Add SQL query result into email body in Script

    Hi Thinkit, Thanks for your response. i want to create script to do following things: - 1) Send email with list of servers those are going to reboot ( In email body) 2) put into maintenance mode 3) reboot 4) ping all servers those got rebooted and record results 5) check all automatic run services and record results 6) send email with ping and services results and say reboot successful (if any services failed or server not back online - create ticket) 7 ) take out of maintenance mode For this what should i do. I am not sure how i can out result for different servers into one email. May be it is possible with ticket. we can create ticket then put sqlresult in ticket as comment.
  4. Harbhajan

    Looping File Write Function wrt SQL Query results

    How ? Can you please let me know as well. i also need this function.
  5. Hi Everybody, I have question about scripting. 1) How to put SLQ query result into email body in script ? 2) How we can define separate variable to each computer and all combine in email body ? Thanks,