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  1. Hi @Russell Sargeson When sending messages to the TelegramAPI, you can use the "GET" method with a Bot. Also sending messages to a Telegram-channel through monitors is not a good way to send alerts, since Telegram only accept max 2 messages per second, before throwing 429 ERRORs. If there are 5 new monitor alerts since last run, you'll be lucky if telegram accepts 3 out of the 5 unfortunately. You should check out the Telegram Bots FAQ. (https://core.telegram.org/bots/faq) The example underneath works (ofc if you change to valid Bot:id and chat_id)
  2. Just do a variable set -> File Contents -> Parameter = path_to_logfile Then do whatever you want with that variable. E.g. Script Log Message with variable created.
  3. Sounds strange. I'm using the "Restlet Client"-plugin for Google Chrome for tests. Hitting https://our.domain/cwa/api/v1/apitoken with the following POST: Header: Content-Type application/json Body: { "username":"username", "password":"password" } If you're using 2FA with Google Authentication, you have to use the following Body: Body: { "username":"username", "password":"password" "TwoFactorPasscode":"Cod3" } This works like a charm.
  4. You can run batch commands in "Execute Script" or you could add logging with ">" in your batch-file, and fetch the log after your .bat is finished.
  5. Hi. I'm looking for an example with custom IContextMenuItem using LabTechPresentation.Integrations.Interfaces. Anyone got an example? Br Patrick Egeland
  6. I've been trying to figure out the best way to make an API request to an external API from Automate, based on the selected Client. What I want to do: Be able to send a ticket through an external API to TopDesk (Service Management), based on information saved in the selected Client. I'm wondering if the following is possible or not, then how? Through a self-made plugin (didn't find any documentation regarding the "ClientMenu"), or any other way? Right-click Client - Choose Menu-Item - Form to define ticket - Send through HTTP Post to External API
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