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  1. Hi Guys, Has anyone done this? or can it even be done? Is it possible to get a history of a script in labtech? Like when it was ran, which machine it was run on sort of information.
  2. p_ern Man you are a lifesaver. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Guys, Do you have any idea what exact permission should I put in a user for them to be allowed to send and receive files from a remote machine? Right now it is grayed out and I cant see any options on the User class manager that would enable it. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering if you guys ever monitor the disk utilization for your machines? And how do you do it? (Quite new to labtech) Do you create an internal monitor for it? Also how can i create a reporting for it. Im not even sure if this is possible, but how do i create a monitor and have it write to the database with the data that it pulls?