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  1. sam.escamilla

    Modify Alert Subject

    Thanks! Got it resolved with forum help.
  2. sam.escamilla

    Modify Alert Subject

    I am still new to Automate and am trying to figure out how to modify the alert template on a script. The ticket created comes into our Help Desk system (not automate) with a subject that contains the work "Critical". I want to remove that from the subject because the word critical triggers an email to our system, creates a Help Desk ticket & categorizes it as critical, then sends out different emails and text messages for immediate response. We do not need that for the workstation HDD space alerts. Any help is appreciated. Script: Agent Monitor Creation - Disk Current Subject: Disk - C: Drive Space Critical-XXXX(162):9293 - XXXX 162 C: Desired Subject: Disk - C: Drive Space Low-XXXX):9293 - XXXX 162 C: