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  1. Yes we have been doing this manualy. Logging into customer computer Via screenconnect software, manually do the work. We recently had a similar problem with a customers laptop. the problem ended up being the windows key stored in the bios. the customers win7 had been upgraded from 7home to 7pro. However the UEFI/bios stored key was the win7home key, this caused constant headaches. Once we found this there is a way to launch the media to to ignore the stored credentials and use ones provided.
  2. Goal: Generate an email if a site has 4+ dropouts in a 24 hour period. Basics. I need some help developing this as im not currently skilled enough to put all the parts together. The idea is the ExtraDataFields(EDF) would be used as a counter to keep track of the dropouts. Script1 is triggered by the “LT – Offline Locations” monitor script1 increments the EDF1 Script1 schedules script2 decrements the EDF1 after 24 hours Monitor1 check for any location with 4+ in EDF1 and EDF2 unchecked, if it finds any it send the email and sets EDF2 to checked Monitor2 unchecks EDF2 if EDF1 drops below 4, Monitor3 makes sure EDF1 never drops below 0 as a precaution Required items (with pseudo code): EDF1 “dropouts in 24 hours” Text type EDF2 “dropout email sent” check box Script1 Script to read EDF1 into VAR1 VAR1++ Schedule script2 for (now+24hours) Write VAR1 to EDF1 clear VAR1 Script2 Read EDF1 into VAR1 VAR1-- Write VAR1 to EDF1 clear VAR1 Monitor1 runs every 5min Read EFD1 if( EDF1 => 4, if( EDF2 = checked, exit monitor, generate email and set EDF2 to checked),exit monitor) Monitor2 runs every 5min Reads EDF1 Reads EDF2 If( EDF1 =< 3 && EDF2 = checked, set EDF2 to unchecked, exit monitor) Monitor3 runs every 5min Read EDF1 if( EDF1 <0, write EDF1 = 0,exit monitor)
  3. I have just Tried the .Net solution and found nothing. However i did find the computer was not starting the service. After much arguing i set it to delayed start and the problem magicly disappeared. Not sure if this will help anyone else but worked in this instance
  4. Ive just done some testing on my own PC. Ive found even just running the uninstall command alone it does nothing. So i suspect the problem is in the image ive included.
  5. I have found the OffBoarding scripts do not remove from Control. As we are a small business all of our techs have access to both. Our process is to run the off-boarding script the remove them from CC. Looking into the script i suspect the detection maybe not have been updated when ScreenConnect changed to Control.
  6. I have recently been upgrading many of our clients to win10. As many of my clients are 2+ hours travel away I've found simply using ConnectWise Control and the windows 10 media creator has worked flawlessly so far. Simply organise a time with clients (often out of hours to minimise business impact) use the media tool and do the upgrade. you loose connection for about 10ish minutes while it does the core install otherwise it works perfectly. using this method i was able to upgrade 12 computers in about 4 hours for one site. Ive found no problems with this so far.
  7. Hello Ladies and Gents of MSPGeek. Im having trouble with one computer continually dropping its agent. I have removed and reinstalled the agent 4 times in the last 2 weeks but it only sticks for 1 or 2 days at most. I currently have 4 versions of this in my Automate, i've not removed as in the hope one may come online but none come back on line. I have found no software i suspect is responsible and the same client has several computers with all identical software, none others are experiencing this problem. the service shows it is running, not blocked or stopped. TLDR/Version LT agent breaks constantly, reinstalled 4 times in 14 days, no software breaking it i can find, services show good, im out of ideas.
  8. Hi all. Im looking for a way to block in install of only some software. i know i can lock it down with GP but i was hoping to be able to target particular software. we monitor many sites and we have one or two computers per day pop up with some form or another of "blah homepage and blah blah" generic homepage hijackers. I have been working on the education side of this however the time investment to return is hardly promising. I also encounter some people who get youtube rippers etc. Looking to try and protect my clients and minimise my own workload, im tired of chasing down people who wont listen.
  9. Methods i have tried so far. Powershell command as Admin/Powershell command(bothways) Add-Type -AssemblyName PresentationCore,PresentationFramework; $ButtonType = [System.Windows.MessageBoxButton]::Ok; $MessageIcon = [System.Windows.MessageBoxImage]::Exclamation; $MessageBody = "This computer will reboot overnight. if you have any questions or concerns call ***********";$MessageTitle = "Computer will reboot";$Result = [System.Windows.MessageBox]::Show($MessageBody,$MessageTitle,$ButtonType,$MessageIcon) This returns as successful but nothing happens Download: script saved to our automate server saved to temp folder on customers computer. Shell: powershell.exe -File %windir%\Temp\Computerwillreboot.ps1 This returns as successful, the file is on the computer at the required location but it does not trigger. if i use command prompt on the computer putting the second part. it work. if i use the labtech cmd interface it returns "ok" but nothing happens. I know this is possible but I do not know de wey
  10. Hi all. Im having a little trouble getting a scrip to work. I have tried a few different options to get it all working, however nothing comes up. so far i have tried. condensing the script and just calling it in a script. creating a script file and dumping it on the client machine and then calling it. the script work pefectly if i just run it on the computer, but the second automate is involved. nothing. the script is below for anyone interested -windowstyle hidden Add-Type -AssemblyName PresentationCore,PresentationFramework $ButtonType = [System.Windows.MessageBoxButton]::Ok $MessageIcon = [System.Windows.MessageBoxImage]::Exclamation $MessageBody = "This computer will reboot overnight. if you have any questions or concerns call " $MessageTitle = "Computer will reboot" $Result = [System.Windows.MessageBox]::Show($MessageBody,$MessageTitle,$ButtonType,$MessageIcon)
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