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  1. Check to see if you have some filtering causing the issue. Change the file name to "otgsetup.123" on the LTShare. In your script you can write it back as the MSI.
  2. You could use a script with a SQL Execute: Call sp_DeleteComputer(@computerid@,'Removed by @LTRUNBYUSER@ on %when%')
  3. You can create scripts that they can run by adding a User Class for that particular client and assigning their accounts to it. (and changing ALL of your scripts to have at least one User Class assigned for execute as blank execute allows all users to 'see/run' them) But the idea of them(the client) creating their own scripts is the roadblock as allowing them to create scripts will default to no User Classes being assigned to execute and thus making them visible to all. Perhaps someone on here with a lot more experience has an idea around that?
  4. Was looking for this information also and thought it should be native/easy to grab. Thanks @Gavsto!!! That made it easy!
  5. I do not believe this to be an Automate issue as it is most likely your process of adding a cert that is. When you go to the site does it serve up the new cert? If it does then did you import your intermediate cert? [That would be my SWAG as to the issue.] If it does not serve up your new cert then you have identified the next step to look into.
    A simple, but excellent, addition to our setup. Easy setup - Thanks @DarrenWhite99!!
  6. You will need to review what is giving you the alert and then tune for the ones that you do not want to generate tickets on. In your monitor Additional Condition tune for things like: v_smartattributes.model not like '%Boss%'
  7. We do not have any accounts for CW Support - as @mpierce pointed out - if they need access then open a session with them. It is your environment. Keep it locked down and do not allow exceptions.
  8. net user SmithJ /fullname:"John Smith"
  9. Do you have an Approval Policy for Each individual app which then ties into individual (targeted auto-join) Groups? That way, the policy only applies if the software is present.
  10. @Gerieca Roldan I believe that a pending/stuck script will drop after 48 hours. I have run into a similar issue when a Debug script showed as pending (most likely due to exhaustive testing) on an endpoint that cleared after a server reboot that evening. Note: Unless the script is scheduled for a future date....
  11. Wow, sounds like a headache! That limits you to a rolling 2nd or 3rd week of the month but with MS normal release schedule on the 2nd Tuesday....well I guess just shoot for the third Wednesday for pilot and Thursday for prod of the month. That will give you 8-9 days post release on most patches with only the occasional holiday to contend with. - fyi - we do not let customers dictate the schedule. We write it in the contract for a specific day each week marked as "Maintenance" and do not allow changes to that.
  12. Assuming integration is in place and open a manage screen for a system then you could 'Right Click' on the ScreenConnect icon in the bottom next to "Begin" and select 'ReDeploy'. Then goto the 'Commands' tile and 'Right Click' the "ScreenConnect Command" and choose "Create Script".
  13. You could call the "Disable Automated Patch Install - Check on Agent*" and the "Disable Automated Patch Install - UnCheck on Agent*" as a 'switch' for off/on for that particular system but we would need more detail as to what a 'complicated patching schedule' is for any real advice.
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