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  1. "The new Scripts grid enables partners to view and manage the scripts and script folders in their system directly from the Web Control Center." Does anyone have an idea on how to prevent access to this? It shows the full folder structure regardless of permissions on the script(s).
  2. Show script missing for lines 377 and 391 - could you tell me what should be there?
  3. Following... I think most of us do this manually when we setup a server and rarely follow up with an onboarding. Would be interesting to hear what others are doing.
  4. FYI - We recently diagnosed an issue where we were no longer getting notifications for Security Events that we had monitors setup for. It turns out that there has been a change in the monitor that you may want to double check. If you are specifying Source: as "Microsoft Windows security auditing" your monitor is most likely no longer functioning. The monitor that works now requires hyphens in the entry unlike the actual 'Source' in the event log. To get it to work again you should change the entry to: Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing Hope this helps
  5. We use an Internal Monitor "Notify When Agent is Online" for this and assign based on EDF Interval is every 5 minutes Send Fail After Success Table to Check: computers Field to check: LastContact Check Condition: LessThan Result: date_add(now(),interval -30 minute) On the Configuration: Identity Field: computers.name,(SELECT `Value` FROM extrafielddata WHERE ExtraFieldID IN (SELECT ID FROM extrafield WHERE `Name`='Notify When Online' AND Form=1) AND ID=Computers.ComputerID) AS `Notify` Additional Condition: Computers.ComputerID IN (SELECT ID FROM extrafielddata WHERE ExtraFieldID IN (SELECT ID FROM extrafield WHERE `Name`='Notify When Online' AND Form=1) AND Value LIKE '%_@_%')
  6. Call sp_DeleteComputer(@computerid@,'Removed by @LTRUNBYUSER@ on %when%') < as an Offline Computer Script This is still working for us but it simply 'Retires' the computer, does not delete. Anybody know how to delete rather than just 'Retire'?
  7. I posted an example along with a script here that might help:
  8. See attached - Create a Computer EDF such as "Account Password"- Would recommend placing it on it's own tab "Local Password". You could create this into two separate scripts and then just run an If EDF Check to see if a password was already set to trigger a rotation on a daily/weekly basis. (less overhead) LocalAcctCreateRotate.xml
  9. Why not set a local admin account on ALL workstations? A simple script that runs on a daily basis that sets a random password per machine and writes to an EDF?
  10. How do you create an Agent Template? Automation > Agent Templates - then 'Add' and configure the specific settings that you want for the Agent (I think of this more as a 'Profile' and configure specifics that I want to associate with it) How do you apply it to a location-only (or a sub-location)? Configure a 'Group' that uses a search to identify what client/location/condition that you want and then configure the group (on the Main tab) and use/assign the (Agent)Template to the Group. Note: You can also set the priority of this Template(profile).
  11. I don't recall if we created it or if the SQL was there already but we run a SQL EXECUTE in a script to offboard systems: Call sp_DeleteComputer(@computerid@,'Removed by @LTRUNBYUSER@ on %when%') Give that a go and let me know if it does/does not work for you.
  12. FYI (Answer from support) "If not using client level permissions, the permission under the User Class Manager for Computers > Show All will also allow you to set maintenance mode in the Web Control Center."
  13. Malwarebytes has Anti-Ransomware built in their standalone product and has an addition to the Automate integration in the MSP version. Layering is probably your best bet for security with a good backup/disaster recovery plan as a resolution if that fails.
  14. If you made a Template of the agent/icon just apply it to the group with a higher Priority.
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