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  1. kiwi_sam

    Popup Message for workstations

    @Braingears Thank you so much for sharing that. Would you be kind enough to share more details on how to edit that and how to get there? Would really appreciate it as this specific feature will really help us. Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Hi Community Members, We have recently had Automate implemented(Installed and we have access) and struggling to find my the steps we should follow without making big mistakes. Thought this article will also help people in similar situation to me who are looking for 10 things to do for a newly installed Automate What does enable on-boarding do and how to do it efficiently without causing any impact to end-users or so they don't see prompts on their screen? What are some must-do groupings that helps streamline building new computers, patching etc? What are the monitors that should be turned off or monitors that shouldn't raise a ticket if they don't have a PSA and use a basic Ticketing system like Zendesk - To Avoid ticket noise? To create Clients->Do we have to create a location underneath or a subcategory? As I noticed that clicking on just client name, the ignite didn't give me any options but when I clicked on location or more like a sub-category, it gave me all the Ignite Options? What's the best way to integrate/manage/monitor StorageCraft(SPX, ShadowControl and ImageManager) and Antivirus(ESET)? Any way of doing single-sign on with 365 or LDAP if the Automate server isn't joined to the domain? Any way of recording license keys etc for a client including which computer they are assigned to? Any way of seeing warranty expiry date in the Browse main display for all computers? I know there is an integration with WarrantyMaster but not sure if it shows as a Tab within the display? Ability to see list of computers of computers/servers with issues rather than having to double click on each computer? Any other tips & tricks or steps to follow to get started until someone gets used to of the system so they can start deploying agents to client without making big mistakes?