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  1. Thanks for your patience with a beginner question. I agree this is a good solution to the issue.
  2. Can we collect the data in a variable, keep appending things to it, and log it at the end? (Somewhat answered my own ? by collecting a bunch of variables and logging it later, didn't answer append capability).
  3. I feel like this should be FAQ but I've wasted a lot of time finding nothing. I have connectwise manage and automate. I don't know the details but they are linked, we can get alert tickets, etc. I want to write a script on automate that looks into the client configurations on manage to get certain variables. How do I do this? Specific example: I have a working automate script to add a vpn connection. How do I expand the logic so it knows which customer the agent is under? Then query the vpn configuration for said customer and gather the host and secret key?