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  1. On my system these are applied to the service plan group. For instance, browse to and double click groups -> service plans -> windows servers -> managed 24x7 Select the Computers -> internal monitors tab In there should be REG - Windows Startup Overloaded and you can set it to alert template "do nothing".
  2. Are you sure that wasn't Phil's v2 download? That one was borked for me. This is the whole thing if you want to re-type
  3. Thanks for your patience with a beginner question. I agree this is a good solution to the issue.
  4. Can we collect the data in a variable, keep appending things to it, and log it at the end? (Somewhat answered my own ? by collecting a bunch of variables and logging it later, didn't answer append capability).
  5. I feel like this should be FAQ but I've wasted a lot of time finding nothing. I have connectwise manage and automate. I don't know the details but they are linked, we can get alert tickets, etc. I want to write a script on automate that looks into the client configurations on manage to get certain variables. How do I do this? Specific example: I have a working automate script to add a vpn connection. How do I expand the logic so it knows which customer the agent is under? Then query the vpn configuration for said customer and gather the host and secret key?
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