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  1. So we managed to get a couple of hours on the phone working with Lenovo DCG people that know the XClarity products and worked with my engineers to address this. Here is what we know as of now. Lenovo does not believe a Windows Server app or service would be of much use to customers because they think everyone uses VMWare and a virtual Windows Server can't talk to the hardware. I explained that nearly all our SMB customers use Hyper-V and we could install such an app or service on the host.... The workarounds are either setup SMTP mail alerts in the IMM. There are some scripting tricks to make that easier, but it still requires cabling at each server and is prone to breaking for any number of reasons. The other option is SNMP traps and that looks like a lot of work to setup. We are going to look at that more in depth but probably the email alerts are the best of the two not so good options. Bottom line? Lenovo is pretty clueless about the MSP community and supporting RMM tools.
  2. It looks Like XClarity Administrator could potentially be the key here. We are doing some lab work and if we succeed I will try to post the recipe.
  3. I have the same issue and question. My techs tell me that they can do this with with Dell Openmanage and HP Insight by pushing the info to Windows event logs and letting Automate alert from there. We have no such tool with Lenovo. IBM has a product called IBM Director years ago that might have worked but it looks like Lenovo has not kept pace with the software side of server management. Would love to hear from anyone that has figured this out.
  4. Anyone come up with a decent way to deal with this? The IMM has what we want but getting it into Automate as alerts has proven impossible so far.
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