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  1. thanks for that...I have just started getting into automate so I wasn't aware of the RAWSQL monitor (but I've seen lots of people mention the word)
  2. Asking for a Friend... I've been looking at this and I know how to go in and create a monitor and select the fields, etc however I suspect that there is a much easier way to do this by actually using the SQL code above then trying to go through the dropdowns and select all the right options...
  3. Mark Hodges

    ConnectWise Automate Script - Update Dell SupportAssist

    I downlaoded Steve's and it bitched that it was newer version of Labtech...pretty neat trick as I am on 2019.6
  4. yeah, I've been going through the list and query results and sorting and looking for those commonalities like Microsoft*, firefox*,etc Its all those oddball crap that's listed that is annoying... :)
  5. So, the more I go through this whole unclassified, whitelisted and blacklisted app list, the more I think that the simpliest and smartest way to handle this is really to have a weekly task of reviewing the unclassified list, finding anything that I want to blacklist, using the wildcard to blacklist and then run a script that copies everything that exists in the unclassified to whitelist. I mean its probably going to help to setup the wildcard values for most of the common apps, but damn there way too many unique apps to do it for most of the apps.
  6. Just so I am clear, with this new monitor, do we still goto a machine, and whitelist or blacklist an application as per normal or do we goto the Dashboard and add an Entry with the wildcard (like Firefox%)? Edit - Not that I've actually READ the whole post, it looks like I should be adding entries manually...
  7. Mark Hodges

    Patch Manager Alternatives

    Invanti Security control is another solution for patching (ninja rmm uses it as well as their patch manager). However, if you found a bug in windows update agent regarding the October Security Rollups shouldn't you be resolving that with Microsoft, not spending money to work around the bug)