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  1. @srw Unfortunatly it isn't - it just unlicences the agent; triggering the endpoint to show a nice big error and thus a call to our helpdesk 😒
  2. Hey Guys, So for the last 2 years, we've had to put up with SEPC (Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud - not to be mixed with SEP, SEP SBE or Symantec Cloud) and their BS. I now can finally move away from their product after being given the green light by the directors.. Except heres the catch. All my research shows that everyone is having the same drama.. that SEPC will NOT allow you to do any un-attended or silent removal away from their rubbish product. You can see everyone else who has this product taking their disapproval out on reddit here and here. It's been the worst product since deployment, but has now been announced that they will no longer sell (even exsisting licences/tenants) and are being forced to migrate to SES, shown in this article from Boardcom. Making matters worse, Broadcom don't respond to support emails, their portal is trash and it's the absolute worst timing because of COVID-19. Over the last 6 months, I have searched for scripts, programs, 3rd party tools and nothing has worked to remove SEPC un-attended.. these scripts have worked on other Symantec products but we've been un-successful in modifying it to suit SEPC. So if anyone has an answer where it be script/program/anything to help me out, that would be awesome.. otherwise i'll be needing to manually uninstall SEPC on around 5, 000 devices.. and don't even get me started on what that'll look like. Cheers Guys.
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