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  1. I tried setting up this internal monitor exactly as your instructed, and I get a SQL error when running the query. I also tried it with only one event ID, with and without the parenthesis. Here's the SQL statement. Please tell me what's wrong. Thank you. Screenshot attached. Create Temporary Table Tcomp (INDEX (Computerid)) SELECT SubGroupwchildren.computerid,SubGroupwchildren.GroupID,Mastergroups.Priority FROM SubGroupwchildren JOIN Mastergroups USING(groupid) WHERE FIND_IN_SET(SubGroupwchildren.groupid,'1597') AND SubGroupwchildren.ComputerID NOT IN (Select ComputerID from AgentIgnore Where AgentID=23135);Select DISTINCT 'C',computers.computerid,computers.Name as ComputerName,Convert(CONCAT(clients.name,' ',locations.name) Using utf8) As Location, eventlogs.`EventID` as TestValue,substr (Concat(eventlogs.'TimeGen',': ', Replace(Repl ace(eventlogs.'message','\'', ''), '\n', '')),1,97) AS loggedEvent FROM ((eventlogs LEFT JOIN Computers ON Computers.ComputerID=eventlogs.ComputerID) LEFT JOIN Locations ON Locations.LocationID=Computers.Locationid) LEFT JOIN Clients ON Clients.ClientID=Computers.clientid JOIN AgentComputerData on Computers.ComputerID=AgentComputerData.ComputerID WHERE eventlogs.`EventID` IN (1004,1005,1100,1554,1700,2048,2050,2051,2056,2057,2076,2094,2107,2147,2163,2188,2273) AND (eventlogs.Source='Server Administrator' OR 'DELL Open Manage Server' OR 'Storage Administrator' AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE) AND Eventlogs.TimeGen > now() - interval 1 day) AND Computers.ComputerID IN (Select Distinct ComputerID From Tcomp); Drop TEMPORARY Table if exists Tcomp;
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