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  1. Anyone got a really good method?
  2. Jonathan E. Brickman

    Do you Auto Approve MS SQL Updates?

    When I took over as Automate admin, I found that SQL patches had already been going on for most target machines, so I set them up for all. Never had a bobble.
  3. I need to build monitors based on Searches, which have a few RAWSQL additions. For instance, out of all servers needing reboot, I need to reboot just four per day right now, and that means adding a LIMIT 4 to the end of RAWSQL text. I've been able to paste the SQL from a search directly into RAWSQL, and the query preview works fine, but it never shows anything in Status and never actually triggers the reboot when I set it up. Anyone have a simple template to make it work, a line or two or three or four to add to SQL copied from a Search, for a RAWSQL internal monitor? J.E.B.