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  1. Any help on this script would be huge help... I made a copy of the Monitor Restart Service* and would like to modify it for a certain server to use. I would like to place the following into the script - Get Reboot Info - If server uptime is less than 1 hour - Stop and send ticket. If server uptime is more than 1 hour - continue with restart script. ------------------- Then I need to place this into the script somewhere - reboot server if restart of POP service was unsuccessful. (this should only happen if it falls into the category above) Thanks!
  2. I am able to create internal monitor that looks at EventID, but how do I grab that info and place it into a ticket? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone created a monitor for when a new users/account gets created in AD, that it creates a ticket?
  4. Hello, I created a new groups in labtech but when I right click on it, it says permission denied. I have full admin rights and Im the one who created the new group. How do I gain access to this? Thanks!
  5. Im in the same boat as the others. I would like to know what others are using/doing.
  6. Thank you P_ern! I will check these out and will give them a try! Thanks again!!
  7. Still researching this out and have not found an solution. Anyone else have info for this? Just need to monitor a folder and if it grows by 1GB a day, i would like to be notified.
  8. Side notes, the file names change daily, so I cant use the Monitor wizard to do this.
  9. Hello again! Has anyone created this before or know how to go about this? I need to create a monitor to open a ticket when certain files inside a folder reaches the size of 1GB or more. Any thoughts/ideas on this?
  10. Has anyone added Malwarebytes into Labtech? Under the System Dashboard - Config - Configurations - Virus Scan. If so, what did you put for the fields? Thanks!
  11. Hey crew, How is it going? I would like to make a modify the Monitor Restart Service* script by adding this command: SC Failure "Service" actions= restart/60000ms/restart/60000/restart/60000ms// reset= 3600000 This will change the Services -> Recovery tab -> First Failure to - Restart the Service, Second Failure to - Restart the Service, and Subsequent Failure to - Restart the Service. Anyone know how to add that command? Im not great at scripts and this one in-particular has alot of lines to it, Im not sure where to begin. Any help would be great! Thanks guys!
  12. I am getting over 800 emails a night with the same ticket info: "computer" at Main has Blacklisted Event.2019-06-04 15:29:37: The device, \Device\Harddisk1\DR1, has a bad block. Critical hard drive errors have been detected on your computer. Please contact support to have this issue addressed and remediated. Reply to this email to create a new ticket. ClientID:63 ComputerID:1571 Why is the system creating a new ticket for this alert every few minutes? Does the monitor create a new ticket for each bad block that it finds? How do i make it stop?! Thanks@
  13. Thank you Darren! I will check that out. have a good one!
  14. Hello, I don't know the best way to do this, but this is what I would like to happen: After patches on the server are installed, I would like an alert saying patches are install and a reboot is taking place. Then once the reboot is completed, I would like an alert saying that the server rebooted successfully. Any ideas on the best way to do this? Thanks!!
  15. Hello, I need some help please, how would I set this up? It's a few parts... I would like that when a ticket is created, it sends that ticket info to the client. I would also like to happen, is if the ticket is updated by the client, an email is set to the client with the details of the update. I would also like to happen, is if the ticket is updated by the client, an email is set to my techs with the info in the email so that they don't have to refer back to the ticket to see the updated notes from the client. What is the best way to achieve this? Thanks!
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