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  1. You may direct upgarde from patch 3,4,5, to patch 8. I already tied this and upgraded from patch 5 to patch 8
  2. You may create search for stopped services and create script to start the stopped services. You may also schedule on group or the monitor set.
  3. Hi Guys I am unable to fetch details that who had shutdown the computer. Can anyone help me to create script or monitor set.
  4. Use SSD instead of HDD. Truncate DB
  5. You may send them desktop popup alerts before one day ago patching schedule. You can reach us via https://sankalpit.com/
  6. I am patching expert let us know if you want to reconfigure the whole setup.
  7. Hi Guys I am having trouble to retire agents from the automate. I have upto 100 machine which are not checking with the automate from past 60 days and want to retire them. Does anyone have script to retire computers from the Automate which are not checking with labtech from past 60 days.?
  8. Dose anyone have script that will deploy screenconnect client on the linux computer.
  9. The only approved patches will deploy on the machines and if you approve new patch which was deny before then that will never approve and nor deploy. The reason changes will not work on the approval policy. Your question is why patches were not deployed on the particular machine the issue can be this machine can be already fully patched manually. Can you please share screenshot of machine. So that i can verify how machines patches are still missing on the machine.
  10. Hello Guys Still i didn't get any issue on the Automate patch 9.
  11. I just installed patch 9 yesterday and currently i didn't get any issue with that.
  12. Its complicated. You can create Internal monitor set and check Window is activated or not. You need only Event ID to get the status
  13. You may create a monitor set that will give you the information about how many machines having a recovery partition and it will also contain a drive letter name.
  14. Hi There I have more than 20 computers which are under (Main location) along with my personal laptop and test machine both are under the "main location". Whereas they are not available physically at the same location. My Laptop and test machine at my home and both are connected with a different network. Now my question is if the power outage issue will occur or the internet Service down will be down in the "Main location" then how did I get the offline location Alert? What should I have to change under the Offline location monitor set? The condition is I don't want to create a new location for those two machines.
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