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  1. Phil_262

    Event blacklist just for Server

    Just need to apply the monitor only to your server group. I've turned the entire monitor off on ours though. Too noisy. Only setting up monitors for specific events now.
  2. Phil_262

    PROC - Bad Process Monitor

    I'm having the same issue would be interested if someone has a fix for it. Currently have a ticket with connectwise for the issue and i'm waiting to hear back. Will post if they give me a fix.
  3. Phil_262

    EV - Failed Logins* - making it usable?

    Hi Guys I know this is an older post but hoping someone can still help me out as i think this will be a very useful monitor. I've tried setting it up as per captainu99's settings and when i test the monitor i can see results as expected but when it creates tickets the %results% seems to be pulling the powershell script instead of results. If i set %results% as the subject it does seem to pull the heading of the information through but gets cut off as its only the heading and obviously doesn't have enough room. Hoping someone can shed some light on what i might have missed in my setup