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  1. Anyone know if an agent's idle time is stored in the database? If so, where? Looking to see if I could do a bulk lookup against which agents have been idle for X amount of time. Thanks
  2. @bigdessert Thank you for the fast reply! Both my questions above were solved with restarting Labtech after the plugin was installed. The plugin shows in User Class Manager after you install it but had to restart Labtech for it to show the drop down (Use Passwords and Use Scripts). In addition, I looked under Tools before but a restart of Labtech and its now reflecting there. Thanks!
  3. @bigdessertGreat plugin, however, running into a few problems. Works fine for superadmins but unfortunately not working for other user permission classes. I have confirmed RMM Password Link Plugin is checked under User Class Manager. I have also confirmed that client level all boxes (to include Password Read, Edit, Del and Schedule Scripts) have been checked. Currently running LT v19.0.225 (patch eight) and SC v19.2.24707.7131. Lastly, I can not find where to configure timeout within LT's new interface - seems screenshots before are prev LTv19. Any help would be appreciated.
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