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  1. Thanks for the idea. So I'm guessing you would make an autosearch to populate that Exclusion group for all agents that are not part of that customer? Wouldn't that mean that when new agents get added there will always be a brief moment where this user will be able to see them?
  2. Hello, Forgive me if this question has been asked before. I had a search on the forums but couldn't find any topics that contained the same question or anything similar. I've also reached out to Automate support, which hasn't been much help.. We currently have a user in our Automate instance that is only allowed to see one particular customer. The permissions have been limited on the user itself, as also in the user class that's assigned to it. This works perfectly for the most part. The only problem we're running into is that the user can't see any internal monitors that are active on any of the agents. For remote monitors this isn't a problem at all. We use groups to deploy both internal and remote monitors which are baseline for all of our customers. These groups are being populated with agents based on autosearches that check for certain roles being active. The only way I've managed to make the internal monitors visible for this user is by giving permissions on the groups where the internal monitors are active. This of course makes it that the user can see agents of other customers as well. Which is exactly what we're trying to avoid... Is there a way we can achieve what we're trying to do? I'm not sure why there should be a difference between internal or remote monitors assigned through groups when it comes down to limiting permissions. Thank you for your time! Kind regards, Jonas
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