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  1. When I reload cache in automate SQL Spy opens up. A few times what I was typing got into the query log of sql spy on mistake. Does this cause an issue like input it somewhere and is there a way to search for where to fix it? Thanks
  2. I've also gotten the issue with tickets created through scripts so I think it is something else. Thanks though
  3. Is there a way to overcome the max script parameters limit of 5? I want at least one more listed when the script is scheduled. Thanks
  4. Attachments aren't syncing from automate tickets to manage tickets, everything else is working.
  5. What are the default / ok settings for connectwise manage plugin background sync? We have the level for everything set to "Normal Activity" and I think that might be putting too much load on it or something.
  6. Thanks, what do you mean by CW API? CW = ConnectWise? I've tried automate's connectwise manage plugin and it only is syncing tickets from automate to manage. I don't see anything on the graphical user interface to make it also sync tickets in manage to automate.
  7. How to add time to tickets created in cw manage after an automate script was successful. It seems that the cw manage plugin only syncs tickets created from automate to manage and not the other way around. I want to run a script (possibly though workflow) and then add time to the cw manage ticket that it is for instead of creating a new automate ticket. I want time when there is not yet an automate ticket which the connectwise manage plugin doesn't seem to do. Thanks
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