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  1. So right now my discovery is set for every four hours. I am trying to get it to auto deploy to a mac and a surface pro. Now I hit the scan play button twice to do it manually however it has still not installed the agent. Also I am trying to uninstall the agent that I manually installed on the mac but it keeps downloading the windows uninstall file. Really I am testing to make sure 1. That it can auto deploy to the MAC and that I can also uninstall the agent from the mac. 2. That I have a good discovery setting in place to make sure that happens, and 3. If it is even possible to do all this with macs in the first place.
  2. So im looking for a .dll or any type of tool that I can use that can help track excessive log in attempts on a computer or on a domain and will show a detailed list of what is trying to log in to.
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