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  1. Any update on the attachment being unavailable for download?
  2. Hello- Came across this as we as well as others, have a need to send out of the norm notifications to our ends users that are not general maintenance reminders. I downloaded the zip file, and have configured my script to look to see if the file exists and if not then to copy it over to the destination machine. I am storing the file in the C:\temp and attempting to run it via shell and also via execute process with the arguments that i want to return but it is not running as expected. I can run this manually with elevated command prompt and i can see the message but when i run either of options (shell /execute) it returns a running status but no message prompt is present. My script just calls for the Shell c:\temp\CustomMessageBox.exe
  3. Steve- Thanks for the follow up, it seemed like it was very linear in some of the listed solutions and when i review the keys for our solution it is a straight patch. I will give it a shot and see if i can get it to work. Very surprised that a lot of other people do not have a combination of CWA with CB defense.
  4. Connectwise Automate Noob here: Hopefully someone can answer this for me We use Carbon Black as an AV solution and have been trying to configure this for our AV tile, I see that we can add it manually but because of the different possible variations in Ver. that can exist as updates are released, are we supposed to create an entry per ver or does it primarily need to identify that the reg keys exist regardless of version of the actual AV agent?
  5. Imurphy, thanks for the reply. This suggestion would almost be similar to creating a process monitor and collect data based on that and tie it back to an EDF or other. Granted that this would be skewed if the application/program has an auto start configuration. With a different RMM tool, someone suggested using a freeware tool that would run on the machines, collect the application run data and it would export to a txt file and then be parsed for the specific application you were looking for. I don't recall what that freeware app was but another option that has been presented is to search the reg for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\{guid}\Usage which should detail a value under the usage if the application has been used.. Taking into consideration that the guid will have to exact with every query as some versions of the same app will differ... Other RMM tools had this integrated for reporting purposes which certainly is helpful in these cases.
  6. Hello All- New to the Forum and to ConnectWise. I was reviewing some of the report data and was not able to find the information on how to collect a list of the applications that exist on a device with the last ran date included. We have a need to identify the existence of the application in the environment and figure out if the users actually use it or if it can be removed. If anyone has come across this type of report configuration I would certainly be interested to know how this can be achieved. Thanks all
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