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  1. Hi, When someone uses a portable SSD and then removes it a D or E drive monitor for the PC fails and shows this error message: "Unable to query drive 'D:' for free space as the drive is not found: Could not find the drive 'D:\'. The drive might not be ready or might not be mapped." I only want the C:Drive to be monitored. Therefore, I was wondering if there was anywhere within Automate in which this could be changed as I have looked in both the internal monitors and system monitors and had no luck. Even tried to change it within the configure in the health and standards tool. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi Colin, Thank you for replying about removing and re-adding the MSE. I have done this and after using the command 'resend everything' the tile went back to Windows Defender. I also removed the Windows Defender SQL files and put them back in as well. At first it removed Windows Defender from the AV tile, but then had no antivirus showing as running at all as a service. I was just wondering if you knew anything of why this may be? All my PC's have Webroot running, so just don't understand why it is not being picked up. I only have this issue for a handful of PC's. All the others have picked up Webroot with no issue on the AV tile. I have also been in contact with Connectwise Automate themselves and they offered no support on this issue, other than what you have said above. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, was just wondering whether you found a solution to this issue Rafe Spaulding?
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