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  1. @gary@mti that's what i though too but the event that is flooding our db is not in the Event Blacklist
  2. Can you exclude a specific Event so it will not be written to the database?
  3. Hey All, Is this possible in CWA? We don’t want patch manager saying a patch is missing for a software that is not installed in to the machine What is the best strategy for this? Thanks
  4. @tvarvais thanks for the reply, i'm supposed to include this in my original post. Here is what they want. “Do not deploy patches at the following times: First 3 business days of the month Last 2 business days of the month Fridays or weekends The day before a holiday or on a holiday”
  5. Hey All, We have this customer that have a very complicated patching schedule. Can you tell me if this is possible with Automate? Can you suggest other workaround for this? We are thinking to have a script that will turn off patching for the machine and another script to turn on patching. Thank you!
  6. Hello, How can i have Automate collect logs that are not System or Application logs? For example, i need automate to collect logs for Quest Rapid Recovery Core Service and write in the database Thanks
  7. Anyone here migrated Acronis from Kaseya to CWA? We still have the legacy Acronis in Kaseya and CWA only have the Acronis Cloud. Was it painful to do the migration?
  8. We are new to automate and in the process of migrating from Kaseya VSA. We have a script in Kaseya that have set of Critical Services that will email us if it will not start after X amount of tries. Can anyone help me if this is possible using Monitor in Automate? For example i only want this to happen to all %Exchange% services? Thanks,
  9. So i look in to Dataviews and found the other location's Router Address is the public IP of the firewall. I'm wondering why my main location is showing the private IP of the firewall and not the public. We are still in the implementation so we still adjusting. UPDATE: I install agents to machines in two of our locations and both of them have the Router Address as the Firewall's public IP. Not sure why our main site have private IP
  10. I checked it and it's showing the default gateway which is a firewall, ideally we are looking for the firewall's public IP.
  11. Thanks for the response, is that field automatically populated?
  12. We are new to automate and we used Kaseya VSA for a long time, we are a fan of their Connection Gateway which is the Public IP of the machine on where it's checking in. Is there a way in Automate to gather this information else where? Thank you
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